Learning management system OpenOlat


The University of Innsbruck uses and supports a web-based learning management system (LMS) called OpenOlat. OpenOlat is an open source program and has been in use since 2010 at this university. The University of Innsbruck has a long-standing tradition of utilizing centralized learning management systems to support and enrich the entire university’s study programs.

OpenOlat is mainly used as a support and virtual accompaniment to the lectures held in the lecture halls and facilities of the university and serves as host for learning content as well as the organization of learning activities. Usually, there is one course area available in the LMS to a lecture held during any given semester. Exceptions can be made for projects, work groups or other such arrangements where courses in OpenOlat can be created and offered for those.

Available HelpCards for OpenOlat

These HelpCards are practical instructions and manuals made especially with lecturers in mind who would like to use OpenOlat in their teachings.

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