Research funding

Internal university research funding

Below you will find information on the research grants and prizes regularly awarded by the University of Innsbruck.

External research funding

The Pre-Award service of the will provide you with information on the various funding opportunities offered by external funding agencies (e.g. FWF, FFG, EU) and support you in selecting the appropriate funding programme and submitting your application.

Current tenders

All grants by career level

The University of Innsbruck regularly announces research funding programmes, prizes and scholarships, especially for young researchers. Please select your career level to find suitable programmes and calls for applications.

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Project service mailing list

The projekt.service.büro uses this list to provide information on current calls for proposals for research funding and relevant developments in the field of externally funded research. If you would like to receive regular information, please subscribe to the project service mailing list.

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Start-up funding for coordinated EU projects

Researchers at the University of Innsbruck receive start-up funding to support the submission of coordinated Horizon Europe (HEU) or equivalent EU projects.

Information in the UniWiki

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Bonuses for third-party funding

It is possible to apply for a bonus for competitively acquired third-party funding projects.

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Junge Frau bei Laborarbeit

Mentoring for young female scientists

The Rectorate of the University of Innsbruck has launched a mentoring programme for young female scientists to promote the development of talented female scientists at the beginning of their careers.

Further information

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