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Explanation Video: Admission at the University

What is admission?

Admission is the term used to refer to the formal process of beginning a study programme at the Universität Innsbruck. It takes place in person at the Admissions Office during the admission periods. Before that, however, one must usually submit an online application.


How does the admission process work at the University of Innsbruck?

Obligatory online application

First you need to apply online for your intended study programme in time: programme profiles.


Personal enrollment for study

In order to enroll, prospective students must come to the Admission Department in person during the admission period with the printed online notification of their chosen course of study and the required documents in original and copy during opening hours.

Students already admitted in Innsbruck can also apply online via LFU:online for admission to another course of study. Already existing data and documents do not have to be uploaded. Personal registration is also no longer necessary. However, the Admissions Office reserves the right to request additional documents or to ask students to appear in person at the Admissions Office.


Admission to bachelor's, diploma or teacher training courses after the end of the general admission period

Dates and Deadlines »

In the following cases, admission to bachelor’s and diploma programmes is also possible after the end of the general admission period:

Admission takes place personally in the admission department. Please take the following documents with you:

  • Valid passport or identity card in original and copy
  • Matriculation certificate or university entrance qualification certificate in original and copy
  • If applicable, the annual reports of the last four classes in original and copy
  • If applicable, Austrian social security card (eCard)
  • Registration confirmation or a completed registration form (front and back)


E-Mail access and the LFU:online study platform »

After the admission process you will be given your own username and password for the Universität Innsbruck’s IT services (e-mail account, LFU:online, eCampus). Via LFU:online you can print out documents such as registration confirmations and admission records, find out more about the courses available, sign up for lectures, fill in online applications and check your exam results. The platform also provides an overview of the student records kept by the university. Therefore, it is important that you keep your password secret at all times.

LFU:online »

Registration number »

When first admitted as a student at an Austrian university or college of education you will receive a registration number which is on all university documents and must be used when applying for admission to any university in Austria.

Paying the Austrian Students' Union fee and/or tuition fee »

With your registration number you will receive your student card. The Austrian Students’ Union fee and/or tuition fee must be paid when registering to study via:

  • bank transfer (please ask for the bank-slip with all the data)
  • bank card

Once the fee has been paid a date will be automatically printed onto the student card. This is the date until which the student card is valid.


Admission Procedures

Due to legal regulations for some study programmes special admission procedures apply. Please check the following website for more information for programme specific regulations and deadlines:


Contact & Information

Admission Department at the University of Innsbruck »
Innrain 52d/Ground Floor 

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