Non-Degree-Programme Studies

 Admission to non-degree-programme studies  
 Tuition fees

„Non-degree-programme studies“ are university course programmes or mean the attendance of individual courses. University course programmes are offered in the frame of universitary continuing education with a clearly defined curriculum

» University course programmes (Universitätslehrgänge)

Non-degree-programme students are only admitted to individual courses for which they are eligible (e.g. in the frame of a „university entrance qualification“).

Admission to non-degree-programme studies

For the admission to non-degree-programme studies you have to register at the Admission Department and bring the following documents:

  • Your valid passport or ID-card (original and photocopy)
  • Your Austrian social security card (= eCard) if you have one

Please find the admission period on our home-page under „Dates and Deadlines“

Tuition fees

Non-degree students have to pay the tuition fee (363,36 EURO) and the austrian students‘ union fee. There is no exemption from tuition fees.

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