Organizational Units

The University of Innsbruck has two types of organisational units:

» Organisational units for research and teaching und
» Administrative organizational units

Organisational units for research and teaching

Faculties and interfaculty organisational units are established at the University of Innsbruck as organisational units for research and teaching.

Faculties of the University of Innsbruck

Main research areas and other interfaculty organisational units

Administrative organizational units

As administrative organizational units, the University of Innsbruck has established offices of the highest organs and service units.

Offices of the supreme bodies

(1) The University Council, the Rector, the Vice Rectors and the Senate each have one office at their disposal for administrative support. The offices are managed by the Chairperson of the University Council, by the Rector, Vice Rectors and the Chairman of the Senate:

(2) Office for Equality and Gender Studies (independent organisational unit to coordinate the tasks of gender equality, the advancement of women and gender studies in accordance with § 19 Para. 2 No. 7 UG 2002). Insofar as the employees provide administrative support to the Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues, they are bound exclusively by its directives and resolutions.

(3) The rectorate may set up staff positions to assist in specialist tasks. They shall be listed in the respective rules of procedure of the rectorate.

Service Units

The organisational units of the administration shall provide the necessary services in the best possible way. The heads are appointed by the Rector. They have the following tasks:

  • Annual target agreements with the rectorate for the implementation of the development plan and the performance agreement of the university.
  • Exercise direct service and professional supervision over the personnel assigned to the service unit to the extent that these rights are delegated by the Rector.
  • Disposal of the budget and room resources allocated to the service unit in accordance with the management guidelines and target agreements with the rectorate.
  • Ensuring that the management of the service unit is based on the principles of economy, efficiency and expediency within the allocated resources, as well as the ongoing written (electronic) reporting to the rectorate in accordance with UG 2002, the statutes and the management guidelines.
  • Responsibility for quality assurance and results orientation, medium-term and operational planning in their area.

The following central service units have been established at the University of Innsbruck, which are subordinate to the Rector and the Vice Rectors in accordance with the respective rules of procedure of the Rectorate (listed in alphabetical order):

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