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Logo We understand culture as a dynamic system that creates and defines meaning. The dynamics involved are viewed as sources of creativity that can give rise to something new, but can also cause conflicts, including violence and war – and are analysed accordingly.

Mobility, migration and transfer constitute not only crucial challenges of our times. It is our working hypothesis that they have been fundamental experiences in all eras. These experiences and processes concern the development of groups, societies, religions, and behavioural patterns, including every-day social practices, as well as the creation of art and literary works. Like all cultural phenomena they are historically contingent, thus multi-layered and modifiable. They reflect current power structures and social inequalities; at the same time they are intrinsically linked to a search for orientation and order.

We view our research as

  • a reflective process that is not restricted to specific themes, but is also concerned with the role of knowledge and the sciences;
  • a collaboration of various disciplines which contribute their own competences, yet learn and draw from each other;
  • a contribution to relevant social questions, as part of a critical dialogue with the general public.

Eine Mund-Nasen-Maske flattert auf einer Parkbank im Wind.

Alles in Ordnung?

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Universität Innsbruck
Research Area “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts”

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