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Research Area
“Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts”


Cover Im Gespräch mit Christine Schliesser

Karl Rahner and the Bible


25./26. Februar 2022, Präsenzveranstaltung, Madonnensaal, Karl-Rahner-Platz 3,1.OG, 6020 Innsbruck

Young Research

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Liturgie im Alltag, Alltag in der Liturgie – Die Innsbrucker Handschrift des Otterberger Liber ordinarius ordinis Cisterciensis

Wie wurde im Mittelalter in einem Zisterzienserkloster Gottesdienst gefeiert? Wie war der klösterliche Alltag geprägt? Antworten liefert ein Liber ordinarius des 15. Jahr... [weiter]



Anna-Katharina Wöbse: Greening Europe: Environmental Protection in the Long Twentieth Century – A Handbook, Berlin: De Gruyter 2022

Today, the environment seems omnipresent in European policy within and beyond the European Union. The idea of a shared European environment, however, has come a long way ... [weiter]

The Research Area “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts” is an association of various disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences, which investigates diverse forms of cultural contact.

We understand and analyze culture as a dynamic source of creativity and a space that can give rise to something new, but also as a source of conflict, including violence and war.

We view our research as

  • a reflective process that is not restricted to specific topics but also focuses on the role of knowledge and scholarship therein;
  • a collaboration of various disciplines that each contribute their own skills while learning and drawing from each other;
  • and a contribution to a critical public dialogue on topical social and political questions.


University of Innsbruck
Research Area
“Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts”
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