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Research Area
“Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts”

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Bludenzer Namenbuch. Namenlandschaft einer Alpenstadt

Flurnamen sind als historisch gewachsene Namen kleinräumiger Landschaftsteile ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Sprach- und Kulturgeschichte einer Region. Valentina Kaufma... [weiter]

The Research Area “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts” is an association of various disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences, which investigates diverse forms of cultural contact.

We understand and analyze culture as a dynamic source of creativity and a space that can give rise to something new, but also as a source of conflict, including violence and war.

We view our research as

  • a reflective process that is not restricted to specific topics but also focuses on the role of knowledge and scholarship therein;
  • a collaboration of various disciplines that each contribute their own skills while learning and drawing from each other;
  • and a contribution to a critical public dialogue on topical social and political questions.


University of Innsbruck
Research Area
“Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts”
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