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Since the signing of the letter of intent between the Universities of Bolzano, Innsbruck and Trento on May 5, 2012 under the auspices of the Austrian Minister of Science and Research, Karlheinz Töchterle, and the Italian Minister of Education, Francesco Profumo, a lot has happened and much still remains to be done in order to promote cross-border cooperation between the Universities in the Euregio through the mobility of students, researchers and teachers and to enrich the range of curricula and research profiles. 



Improving mobility, expanding the range of curricula at the partner Universities and strengthening cross-border research as well as promoting young scientists are just some of the common goals.

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Euregio Mobility Fund

Joint research is an important pillar of the European Region. For this reason, the Universities of Bozen-Bozano, Innsbruck and Trento committed to promoting the mobility ... [more]


Study in the Euregio

Students of the Universities in the European Region have the opportunity to participate in joint study programmes. [more]


Research in the Euregio

University cooperation within the Euregio is an ongoing process. The joint research initiatives are a sign of the strong networking between the Universities of Bozen-Bolz... [more]

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Here you can find news and information on the activities of the Euregio Universities. [more]

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