MORE-Initiative: Asylum seekers and recognized refugees

People with a refugee background first and foremost need safe accommodation, food and medical care, but they need even more, namely the opportunity to develop future prospects. Young people who lose access to education due to war and flight are in danger of growing up into a lost generation. The potential of these people, their knowledge and their talents are also an added value for the universities and for the society that welcomes these people. The University of Innsbruck is part of the MORE-Initiative by uniko (Universitätenkonferenz).

Recognized refugees and asylum seekers are allowed to enroll at a university as non-degree students. Student fees are waived. Admission is possible until the end of the admission period (31.10. and 31.03., respectively). An important goal of this program is the preparation for a regular study (bridging function).

The Admission Departement in cooperation with the ÖH offers support with enrolment to participants interested in the MORE-Initiative, and shares information about university offers:

  • Free use of the University and State library of Innsbruck (student card)

  • Use of the University IT-infrastructure (account with mailing address)

  • Use of the sports-institute of the University (USI) at student tariffs (1 indoor course for free)

  • German language course at the ISI at a student price (280 €)

As part of the OLC (Open Learning Center) project, BFI Tirol offers free educational and learning support for people seeking higher education. The project is also aimed at asylum seekers and persons entitled to asylum.

  Information sheet OLC (german only)

oead4refugees: / +43 (0) 1 53408 - 403


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