Asylum seekers and recognized refugees: MORE-Initiative

The University of Innsbruck is part of the MORE-Initiative by uniko (Universitätenkonferenz). Recognized refugees and asylum seekers are allowed to enroll at a university as non-degree students. Student fees are waived. Admission is possible until the end of the extension period (30.11. and 30.04., respectively). An important goal of this program is the preparation for a regular study (bridging function).

The Admission Departement in cooperation with the ÖH offers support with enrolment to participants interested in the MORE-Initiative, and shares information about university offers:

  • Free use of the University and State library of Innsbruck (student card)

  • Use of the University IT-infrastructure (account with mailing address)

  • Use of the sports-institute of the University (USI) at student tariffs (1 indoor course for free)

  • German language course at the ISI at a student price (240 €)

The website „Asylum and integration – How can I contribute?“ offers additional information for refugees, asylum social workers as well as persons interested to make a supportive contribution.

With the project „Quali – Fair 2.0“, the BFI Tirol provides free guidance on education and learning to persons seeking higher education. The project also targets asylum seekers and persons entitled to asylum.   Quali - Fair 2.0  

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