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Studying abroad

Symbolbild: Studierende aus aller WeltExpand your horizons! Studying abroad for a period of time is an experience from which you will benefit throughout all of your life. Get to know another system of studying and other cultures, while improving your foreign language skills and meeting fellow students from all over the world.

On the following pages, you can find existing exchange options and you will get useful information for planning your stay abroad:

Studying in Innsbruck

Symbolbild: Studierende vor der Universität Innsbruck

Welcome to Innsbruck! The University of Innsbruck is very popular with students from all over the world. Thus, 40% of students and teachers come from abroad. The quality of study programmes, as well as the location in the beautiful natural heart of the Alps and Europe, contribute to its popularity.

If you would like to complete your full studies at the University of Innsbruck as a degree-seeking student, we invite you to visit this website:

If you would like to spend one or two semesters at the University of Innsbruck as an exchange student, you will find all the necessary information here:

International Study Programmes

An international study programme is a master's or doctoral degree programme, jointly developed by different universities. All title-granting partner institutions recognize these degrees. As a Joint Degree graduate, you benefit from a degree that increases your chances on the international job market, not least through the intercultural experience of the integrated stay abroad:

Programmes and Courses in English

The entire range of studies, programmes and courses offered by the University of Innsbruck in English.


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