Continuing education

 Admission and documents required
Tuition fee (cost)
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Continuing education courses are extraordinary studies with a defined curriculum (study plan) as part of university continuing education. The requirements for attending a university course are defined in the respective curriculum.

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Admission and documents required

You will be admitted to a university course as a non-degree student. The following points must be observed for admission to a university course:

The selection for participation in the university course is made by the course management. You will then receive an application link from the study department and you must upload the following documents for successful admission:


The following documents are required for admission:

  • Proof of general university entrance qualification*) or
  • Proof of relevant professional experience
  • passport
  • passport photo
  • Austrian social insurance card (e-card), if applicable

    *) foreign-language documents require translation into German or English (with the exception of Italy and Luxembourg) - if applicable with proper certification - and must be uploaded.


Tuition fee (cost)

Students must be admitted as non-degree students in order to take part in continuing education courses. Persons who are admitted to continuing education courses as non-degree students are only entitled to attend the lectures of the continuing education course they have enrolled in. In general, examinations taken by non-degree students cannot be recognised for standard study programmes. Students attending continuing education courses must pay the course fee as well as Austrian Students Union fee ("ÖH-Beitrag") every term in order to remain enrolled in the course.


 More information about continuing education courses

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