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 Admission and documents required
Tuition fee (cost)
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Continuing education courses are non-degree study programmes with fixed curricula. They are part of the further training offered at the University of Innsbruck. In order to be admitted to a continuing education course, students must have completed a study programme or be able to prove experience working in the relevant field. Lectures are generally held in the evening or at weekends in order to give working students the chance to attend continuing education courses. Students attending continuing education courses must pay course fees. These fees reflect the actual cost of running the course.

The University of Innsbruck offers a wide range of continuing education courses, which focus in particular on interdisciplinary work and provide students with skills in demand in the labour market. Students who complete continuing education courses receive an internationally recognised MA or an academic title (e.g. Academic Expert).

In line with the categories set out by the Austrian Federal Minister for Science and Research (bmwf), the University of Innsbruck offers continuing education courses in the following fields:        

  • health sector,
  • media / society,
  • law,
  • technology, natural sciences,
  • theology,
  • economics.

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Admission and documents required

Students attending continuing education courses are admitted to university as non-degree students. Please consider the following important points if you wish to be admitted to a continuing education course:

Contact the organiser / course director of the of the continuing education course you are interested in.
Admission to continued education courses is carried out by the respective organiser / course director in the Admission Department.

The following documents are required for admission:

  • passport / proof of citizenship together with official identification document with photograph,
  • completed registration form (filled out front and back)
  • 1 passport-size photo,
  • confirmation of payment of the course fee (for continued education courses with course fees),
  • (if necessary) Austrian social insurance card (eCard).


Tuition fee (cost)

Students must be admitted as non-degree students in order to take part in continuing education courses. Persons who are admitted to continuing education courses as non-degree students are only entitled to attend the lectures of the continuing education course they have enrolled in. In general, examinations taken by non-degree students cannot be recognised for standard study programmes. Students attending continuing education courses must pay the course fee as well as Austrian Students Union fee ("ÖH-Beitrag") every term in order to remain enrolled in the course.


 More information about continuing education courses

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