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Spectral lines

A look inside a molecule

Even the simplest molecular bonds are not fully understood yet. Researchers around the group of physicist Roland Wester from the Institute of Ion Physics and Applied Phys... [more]

Jan Beutel on the Matterhorn

Swaying mountains

Like bridges and tall buildings, large mountains are constantly vibrating, excited by seismic energy form the Earth. An international team of researchers has now been abl... [more]

Helium nanodroplet

Helium bath splash

While working with helium nanodroplets, scientists at the Department of Ion Physics and Applied Physics led by Fabio Zappa and Paul Scheier have come across a surprising ... [more]


Lanthanoids offer great potential

In a special issue of Nature Physics, Francesca Ferlaino and Matthew Norcia highlight the great potential of ultracold quantum gases from lanthanides. Despite their compl... [more]

Rainer Blatt

Rainer Blatt hono­red

Quantum physicist Rainer Blatt was appointed Distinguished Affiliated Professor of the Technical University of Munich in early November. He was also appointed an external... [more]

Dirk Rupnow, Jean Asselborn and Silke Meyer

Aurora lecture: United in Diversity

The Aurora lecture series “Diversity in Higher Education” addresses the multi-faceted aspects of equality in the university. The aim is to bring together experts from thi... [more]

Events at the University of Innsbruck

Studierende auf einer Schaukel

Ideen, die unser Leben verbessern

„UNInteressant? – Ideen, die unser Leben verbessern“: Unter diesem Motto startete die Österreichische Universitätenkonferenz (uniko) erstmalig eine Online-Kampagne, an der sich neben der Universität Innsbruck ... [weiter]

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