Organising your studies

This section of our website provides comprehensive information about studying at the University of Innsbruck. You will find details on everything from starting out at university to graduation and continuing education courses.

Starting out

Welcome! Studying at the University of Innsbruck means organising your own studies. The information provided at is designed to help you structure your study programme and handle all of the challenges posed by everyday life at university.


Good organisation is an essential part of being successful in your studies. On our website we have put together information about all of the most important things you will need to know during your time at university, including examinations, dates and deadlines, how to register to continue studying, etc. Visit to find out more.

After graduating

Congratulations on completing your study programme! However, although your time at university has come to an end, it is very likely that you will look to improve and extend your skills throughout your working career. The University of Innsbruck offers a wide range of continuing education courses as well as an active alumni club. Visit to find out more about these and to consult an extensive list of job vacancies.

Studying costs & financial support

Our website provides information on all money-related issues linked to studying at university, from tuition fees to student grants and the many scholarships available. Click here to find out more: 

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