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Diversity Management at the University of Innsbruck


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How do we promote student diversity? [more]

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How is diversity reflected in research? [more]

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How do we deal with the diversity of our employees? [more]

Dealing with diversity

How do you deal with diversity? [more]


What is the basis of diversity management? [more]


This homepage collects the numerous diversity projects. If you have any suggestions or additions, please contact us. [more]


What is currently happening at the University of Innsbruck in the area of diversity? [more]

This is what we stand for

"The university is and lives from diversity - in biographies, ideas, life plans, opinions and methods, which we promote through (gender) equality, inclusion and compatibility of work and study with care responsibilities. [Read more]

This diversity is the prerequisite for an insightful and inspiring study, scientific excellence and recognition by society. As Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck we act as a role model and actively support an open society".

(Mission Statement of the University of Innsbruck, July 2017)

Why diversity management?

Diversity management always aims in two directions: On the one hand, this is intended to eliminate structural discrimination against people. This is because institutions such as universities have long been characterised by explicit and implicit exclusion from certain groups of people. [Read more]

These imprints do not disappear automatically, because legal framework conditions are changed and now follow democratic principles. An active policy is also needed to create equal access to universities. On the other hand, diversity management also makes opportunities and chances visible. Because powerful exclusions and discrimination usually lead to potential remaining unrecognised and not being able to develop - to the detriment of those affected, of the institution and not least of society.

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