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Going Abroad

The University of Innsbruck fosters numerous partnerships and exchange programmes with universities from all over the world and supports its students and employees in the... [more]

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Welcome to Innsbruck

With its great variety of offers, the University of Innsbruck is very attractive for students, researchers and lecturers from all over the world: Approximately one third ... [more]


Internationalisation Strategy

Founded in 1669, the University of Innsbruck has an international focus and strong local roots. [more]

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International Services

In order to coordinate, bundle and service the internationalisation activities of the University of Innsbruck, the following International Services has existed since 2013... [more]

News and Events

URV Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity

URV Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity

URV welcomes talented researchers to apply to this fellowship programme. [weiter]

Aurora Student Schemes -  Academic year 2022/2023

Aurora Student Schemes 2022-2023: Become an Aurora Student Ambassador or Champion!

We are pleased to announce that you can now apply for the Aurora Student Schemes for the upcoming Academic year 2022/2023. [weiter]

Our Guest: Elena Nuzzo

"Findings and answers to research questions always lead to new questions." ... [more]

Our Guest: Jonathan L. Baker

"I am fascinated by and incredibly grateful for the way that scientific work has connected me to so many people and places around the world.." ... [more]

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Internationale Dienste
Universität Innsbruck
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