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Research about Mountains in the Mountains - A UNIque option

With the RA Mountain Regions, the University of Innsbruck - as the only university in Austria - has spatially defined one of its central research areas.

With this focus, the long-standing tradition and important role of the University of Innsbruck in international mountain research is being continued. Scientific findings are bundled, extended and optimized within joined activities. 

The research focus in numbers

Panel Number Scientists
Panel Number Centers
Panel Number IDS

1 focus with multiple centers

The research focus on the Alpine region consists of 8 research centers and a Doctoral School with 4 doctoral programs. In total, there are currently over 200 researchers working in approximately 60 research groups.

RC Alpine Infrastructure Engineering
RC Alpine Sport
RC Mountain Agriculture
RC Geodynamics - Geomaterials
RC Global Change - Regional Sustainability
RC Climate - Cryosphere and Atmosphere
RC Ecology of the Alpine Region
RC Tourism and Recreation
Innsbruck Doctoral School

Partnerships, Activities, Networking

The research focus on the Alpine region maintains contacts with various research groups, stakeholders, and scientific communities to promote knowledge exchange and initiate new projects.

Barbara Schneider-Muntau

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Barbara Schneider-Muntau 
Deputy Speaker

Scientific Activities
+43 (0) 512 507 62382
Barbara Schneider-Muntau

Administrative Support


FSP Alpiner Raum
Innrain 52f
6020 Innsbruck

Studying IN and ABOUT the Mountain Regions

What is the "Innsbruck Doctoral School in Mountain Research" ?

The "Innsbruck Doctoral School" (IDS) complements and expands your regular studies in a specific field of mountain research. In addition to your general degree certificate, you will receive a certificate for successful participation in the IDS. Furthermore, the IDS strongly supports interdisciplinary cooperation among peers and senior researchers. As part of IDS, there are also various activities that enhance your skills beyond your research .

Currently, the IDS consists of four doctoral colleges (IDC) for which you can apply for when you are enrolled for a PhD study in the respective subjects.

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