Research at the University of Innsbruck

Research at the University of Innsbruck combines scientific quality with a diverse research culture and the targeted promotion of young talent. Our research strives for excellence and innovation, which supports interdisciplinary cooperation and the combination of basic and application-oriented research.

Scientists research and teach in a wide variety of scientific disciplines at the University of Innsbruck, which thus covers a large part of the university's canon of subjects. 16 faculties illustrate this diversity of subjects. To strengthen its research profile and the networking of research activities, the University of Innsbruck has also established and continuously developed an interdisciplinary research focus system. This system, which is unique in Austria in terms of its range and depth, is the driving force behind interdisciplinary cooperation and scientific innovation.

Excellent research at the University of Innsbruck stands for visible positioning at the forefront of the national and international higher education and research area as well as active and leading participation in research endeavours dedicated to the major topics and challenges of the present and future. In addition to the international orientation required for this, the national and regional anchoring and, in particular, the transfer of knowledge and technology for the benefit of society and the economy in the region are a major focus.

Research at the University of Innsbruck

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Magazincover zukunft Forschung

Research mag­a­zine

In “zukunft forschung“, current research projects and results, knowledge transfer projects are presented and successful graduates are profiled.

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Research news­let­ter

In the research newsletter we inform you about current research results and projects of scientists at the University of Innsbruck four times a year.

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"Time for Science" is a series of talks in which scientists from a wide range of disciplines at the University of Innsbruck talk about their research work.


Every Friday, just in time for the weekend, there are current stories from and about research at the University of Innsbruck.

Research output

Excellent research at the University of Innsbruck is based on outstanding publications and lectures, the acquisition of competitively awarded third-party funds, prizes and awards as well as cooperation with internationally recognised research institutions.

Third Party Funding and other revenue: 62.9 million Euro
1.500 publications in Web of Science
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