Ombuds Office for Good Scientific Practice at the University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck is committed to all basic principles of sound scientific work as well as the standards for good scientific practice, as formulated in the Guidelines of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity. Scientists and researchers are responsible for complying with these guidelines.

In cases of suspected breach of good scientific practice, the University of Innsbruck has established formal procedures that are initiated by filing a complaint with the Vice-Rector for Research (for researchers) or the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching (for scientific theses).

Independent of these formal investigation procedures, an ombuds office is available to all scientists and researchers at the University of Innsbruck for easily accessible counselling and conflict mediation concerning questions of good scientific practice and in suspected cases of scientific misconduct.

Tasks and activities of the ombuds office

The Ombuds Office of the University of Innsbruck acts as a trust and information centre for

  • persons suspected of having violated good scientific practice,
  • informants, and
  • members of the University of Innsbruck who want to inform themselves about good scientific practice.

The Ombuds Office acts neutrally, is not bound by instructions, and is independent of the responsible Rector’s Offices at the University. All enquiries are treated confidentially. Suspected cases of scientific misconduct are only forwarded to the formally responsible Vice Rector’s Offices in particularly justified and serious exceptional cases.

The Ombuds Office provides neutral and qualified advice on questions of good scientific practice and can also mediate in a solution-oriented manner if the conflict parties agree.  You can contact the Ombuds Office anonymously and confidentially. Furthermore, any person affected by (suspected) scientific misconduct may optionally turn to the Commission for Scientific Integrity of the.

The ombudspersons of the University of Innsbruck

Foto von Prof. Dormandy

Humanities and law

Univ.-Prof. Dr Katherine Nordskog Dormandy, BA BA MA

Department of Christian Philosophy

Foto von Albrecht Becker

Social and economic sciences

Univ.-Prof. Dr Albrecht Becker

Department of Organisation and Learning

Foto von Herrn Hans-Peter Schröcker

MINT disciplines

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Hans-Peter Schröcker

Department of Basic Sciences in Engineering Sciences

Contact can also be made with the ombudsperson of a different specialist area than the one actually concerned, if close relationships or possible conflicts of interest make this appear desirable.

Reporting of suspected cases

For researchers:

Office of the Vice-Rector for Research

+43 512 507 20101


For academic theses:

Office of the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Students

+43 512 507 20301

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