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Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the webpage of the BR1*DA! We are the legitimate representative of all academic staff employed at our university (as per Labour Constitution Act, ArbVG), and as such we are committed to a work environment that thrives through effort, fairness and mutual support.

Working on a voluntary basis, we forward your interests and voice your needs in regular meetings with the rector, the vice rectors, the university council, and the works council for general staff (BR2). Several members of our council are also full members of the senate, and in addition, we are active as co-opted members in several boards and committees, for example all faculty QV advisory boards. According to employment laws, the rectorate has to consult us in all staff-related matters, and we have extensive rights in consulting, intervening, monitoring, and obtaining information, as well as in holding hearings. The works council is also involved in terminations and dismissals and negotiates various works agreements.

We offer counselling for individuals as well as conflict management on departmental and faculty levels. We take care of the ongoing improvement of your working conditions in research and teaching, in various areas from health and safety to performance appraisals. We offer various services and benefits, have a say in the allocation of university accommodation for staff and have been financially supporting childcare at the Children's Office of our university for several years. Should you be in financial need, we manage emergency relief funds, can help in cases of financial hardship, and assist you in applying for an advance on your salary.

Should you have any questions or need further information (about labour laws or any other topic), simply contact us per email ( During working hours you can also call our secretary Ms. Sommeregger (at 0512 507 – 34001) or me directly (at 0512 507 – 34000).

NB: All members of the works council are legally obliged to treat your matters confidentially. For anyone contacting us this means that we will not take any steps without prior consultation and the consent of the person(s) concerned!

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With best regards,


Ulrike Hugl (Chairwoman) & the entire BR1*DA team

Works council team and secretariat




Current news about university politics and topics concerning our work life can be found on the ULV homepage - Anybody interested in our ULV work can become a member for 30 Euro/year! In return, you will receive current information, newsletters, offers, a labour court legal protection insurance, etc.









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