Quality Audit

AAQThe University of Innsbruck was the first Austrian university to be certified by the Swiss quality assurance agency AAQ in 2014. This shows that the university has optimally adapted its internal processes to ensure and increase quality. It is also proof of the high quality in the organisation of research and teaching at the University of Innsbruck - not only once did the auditors in the evaluation report make extremely positive reference to certain areas of research, teaching and personnel development.

More information: Quality Management

Trend Top-Arbeitgeber 2020Top Employer

After the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, the University of Innsbruck can again count itself among the top employers in Austria in 2020. The ranking is conducted annually by the business magazine trend, the statistics portal Statista, the employer assessment platform kununu and the career portal Xing. In order to be considered in the top list, employers must have more than 200 employees and be assigned to one of 20 predefined sectors.

More information: Career portal

University and Family Audit

Gütezeichen hochschuleundfamilieThe University of Innsbruck follows the guiding principle: "The University of Innsbruck as an attractive employer". A good work-life balance is a key factor for job satisfaction.

The university and family audit, which the University of Innsbruck has already undergone three times, offers an excellent opportunity to summarise the wide range of measures that have been developed to date in order to meet this family-friendly requirement and to have them evaluated from outside. The University and Family Audit is a continuous improvement process, the aim of which is to profile the University of Innsbruck as a family-friendly workplace and place of study. A good compatibility of work or studies with family increases motivation and willingness to perform and ultimately the overall success of the university.

More information: Human Resources Development

ECTS- and Diploma Supplement-Label

ECTS LabelIn the 2013 academic year, the European Commission opened up the possibility for universities in the European Higher Education Area to obtain an ECTS and/or Diploma Supplement label for excellence in the practice of credit recognition and transparency. In Austria, the University of Innsbruck is the only full university to hold both the ECTS and the Diploma Supplement label.

The award of an ECTS or DS label signals to students, partners and other institutions the correct application of ECTS and/or Diploma Supplement, fair academic recognition and improved transparency in the international environment.

More information: Office for Bologna Process and Teaching Development

Diversitas LogoDiversitas Prize

In 2018, the University of Innsbruck was awarded the "Diversitas" diversity management prize. The Ministry of Education, Science and Research awarded the first prize to the PhD Career Support Programme for young scientists with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses.

The aim of the programme is to support graduates and their integration into the scientific system and to strengthen the scientific presence at the respective department. Within the framework of the career advancement programme, the disabled and/or chronically ill scientist has the opportunity to concentrate on writing his or her dissertation and to bring it to a successful conclusion.

More information: Diversity Management

DACH Hochschul-Fundraisingpreis

University Fundraising Prize

In 2020, the University of Innsbruck was honoured with the first "DACH University Fundraising Prize" for its 350th anniversary. Specifically, the recognition prize was awarded on the basis of the establishment of the non-profit foundation "University of Innsbruck". The foundation was established with a share capital of 2.5 million euros to promote science and education.

More information: University of Innsbruck Foundation

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