Panorama Karwendel mit Wolken

lnnsbruck Network for Weather and Climate Research (IWCR)

The IWCR is a cooperation between the Geosphere Austria and the University of Innsbruck. Optimizing the cooperation and the use of data and instrastructure available at both institutions should develop Innsbruck to a leading research location for meteorology, the atmosphere and climate with a focus on mountain regions. The motivation to establish the IWCR is based on the TEAMx program and thus, the research goals of IWCR and TEAMx are strongly linked. 

The IWCR started its activities in 2023. The cooperation should last at least 4 years and thus, also included the TEAMx Observational Campaign (TOC), which should take place in 2024/25. Besides the management team, that coordinates and support IWCR acitivities, two PostDocs will work on research topics relevant for the IWCR. Beyond, the active engagement of several research groups at both institutions is crucial to get ahead with research topics of common interest


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