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Using present and past observations to understand future climate and environmental change

Using present and past observations to understand future climate and environmental change

Participating in climate research worldwide

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satellite picture (OGGM)


OGGM is an open source model for glacier dynamics that is able to simulate past and future mass-balance, volume and geometry of (almost) any glacier in the world. This mo... [more]

POP Greenland

POP Greenland

A scientific ski traverse of Greenland to sample the levels of pollution in the snow. Persistent organic pollutants (the POPs of the title) include pesticides, fire retar... [more]

View from the Northeast Greenland Caves

Northeast Greenland Caves

We are using cave deposits to work out when in the geologically recent past Greenland was warmer and wetter than today ... [visit website]

Lake Hallstatt

Lake Hallstatt: a Paleoflood archive

In collaboration with Natural History Museum Vienna and international collaboration partners within the Face Alps project, University of Innsbruck researchers Dr. Stefan ... [more]


Innsbruck Box (i-Box)

Innsbruck Box (or i-Box for short) is a test bed for studying boundary layer processes in highly complex terrain. [more]

Glacier ice

Ortles Project

(PAMOGIS, Pollen analyses of the Mt. Ortles glaciers ice samples) Glacier ice archives important information about: i) climate (air temperature, amount of precipitation);... [more]

Tree rings


ALP-IMP researchers will use the unique data potential existing in the “Greater Alpine Region” (GAR) to produce a consistent picture of regional climate variability in th... [more]

Ngozumpa glacier

Debris covered glaciers

Three ongoing projects in ACINN and Geography together aim to improve our understanding of the impact of surface rock debris on glacier behaviour. A rock layer on the sur... [more]

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