Student Mobility - Outgoing

Are you a gregarious person and interested in foreign countries, cultures and languages?

A stay abroad during your studies is a unique experience and not only helps you to progress in your studies, but also opens up new perspectives for your later career and personal development. Which mobility programme is best for you depends on many different factors such as your language skills and individual preferences, your study progress, how much time you would like to spend abroad and whether you prefer to study, research or work abroad. Find out about your options in good time - the world is open to you!

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The information on this website is primarily aimed at regular degree students at  the University of Innsbruck who would like to complete a temporary stay abroad as part of their studies. If you would like to complete a full degree programme abroad, please check the website of the university of your choice.

Students of the Diploma Programme International Management and Business Studies find more information on the Website of the IWW-office

Further mobility formats can be found in the  Database for Scholarships and Research Grants ( of the Austrian Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD).

We urgently draw your attention to any  travel warnings and advise you to take these into account when planning your trip. Should you embark on a stay abroad despite travel warnings, you do so at your own risk and your own responsibility.

What our outgoing students tell us about their time abroad:

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