Publications 2018

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Arellano, L.; Fernández, P.; van Drooge, B. L.; Rose, N. L.; Nickus, U.; Thies, H.; Stuchlík, E.; Camarero, L.; Catalan, J.; Grimalt, J. O. (2018): Drivers of atmospheric deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at European high-altitude sites.
    In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18/21, pp. 16081 - 16097. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Atsawawaranunt, Kamolphat; Comas-Bru, Laia; Amirnezhad Mozhdehi, Sahar; …, …; Carolin, Stacy; Koltai, Gabriella; Luetscher, Marc; Moseley, Gina E.; the SISAL Working Group Members (2018): The SISAL database: a global resource to document oxygen and carbon isotope records from speleothems.
    In: Earth System Science Data 10, pp. 1687 - 1713. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Babic, K.; Rotach, M.W. (2018): Turbulence kinetic energy budget in the stable boundary layer over a heterogeneous surface.
    In: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 144/713, pp. 1045 - 1062. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Bao, R; Strasser, Michael; McNichol, A.P.; Haghipour, N.; McIntyre, C.; Wefer, G.; Englinton, T.I. (2018): Tectonically-triggered sediment and carbon export to the Hadal zone.
    In: Nature Communications 9, No. 121. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Barrett, S.; Drescher-Schneider, R.; Starnberger, R.; Spötl, C. (2018): Evaluation of the regional vegetation and climate in the Eastern Alps (Austria) during MIS 3–4 based on pollen analysis of the classical Baumkirchen paleolake sequence.
    In: Quaternary Research 90/1, pp. 153 - 163. (DOI)

  • Boes, Evelien; Van Daele, Maarten; Moernaut, Jasper; Schmidt, Sabine; Jensen, Britta J. L.; Praet, Nore; Kaufman, Darrel; Haeussler, Peter; Loso, Michael G.; De Batist, Marc (2018): Varve formation during the past three centuries in three large proglacial lakes in south-central Alaska.
    In: GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN 130/5-6, pp. 757 - 774. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Cohen, Tim; Meyer, Michael C.; May, Jan-Hendrik (2018): Identifying extreme pluvials in the last millennia using optical dating of single grains of quartz from shorelines on Australia’s largest lake.
    In: The Holocene 28/1, pp. 150 - 165. (DOI) (Web link)

  • de Gouw, J.A.; Gilman, J. B.; Kim, S. W.; Alvarez, S. L.; Dusanter, S.; Graus, M.; Griffith, S. M.; Isaacman-VanWertz, G.; Kuster, W. C.; Lefer, B. L.; Lerner, B. M.; McDonald, B. C.; Rappenglück, B.; Roberts, J. M.; Stevens, P. S.; Stutz, J.; Thalman, R.; Veres, P. R.; Volkamer, R.; Warneke, C.; Washenfelder, R. A.; Young, C. J. (2018): Chemistry of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Los Angeles Basin: Formation of Oxygenated Compounds and Determination of Emission Ratios.
    In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 123/4, pp. 2298 - 2319. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Deventer, M.J.; von der Heyden, L.; Lamprecht, C.; Graus, M.; Karl, T.; Held, A. (2018): Aerosol particles during the Innsbruck Air Quality Study (INNAQS): Fluxes of nucleation to accumulation mode particles in relation to selective urban tracers.
    In: Atmospheric Environment 190, pp. 376 - 388. (DOI)

  • Dietz, Sebastian J.; Kneringer, Philipp; Mayr, Georg J.; Zeileis, Achim (2018): Low visibility forecasts for different flight planning horizons using tree-based boosting models.
    In: Working Papers in Economics and Statistics - University of Innsbruck 2018-11, elektronisch. (Web link)

  • Dietz, Sebastian; Kneringer, Philipp; Mayr, Georg; Zeileis, Achim (online first): Forecasting Low-Visibility Procedure States with Tree-Based Statistical Methods.
    In: PURE AND APPLIED GEOPHYSICS, pp. 1 - 14. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Dublyansky, Y.; Moseley, G.E.; Liakhnitsky, Y.; Cheng, H.; Edwards, R.L.; Scholz, D.; Koltai, G.; Spötl, C. (2018): Late Palaeolithic cave art and permafrost in the Southern Ural.
    In: Scientific Reports 8, No. 12080. (DOI)

  • Dublyansky, Y.V.; Klimchouk, A.B.; Tokarev, S.; Amelichev, G.N.; Langhamer, L.; Spötl, C (2018): Stable isotopic composition of atmospheric precipitation on the Crimean Peninsula and its controlling factors.
    In: Journal of Hydrology 565, pp. 61 - 73. (DOI)

  • Dublyansky, Y.V.; Lyakhnitsky, Y.; Spötl, C. (2018): Data on the 14C date obtained from the charcoal figure “Black fox” in Shulgan-Tash (Kapova) cave, Southern Ural, Russia.
    In: Data in Brief 21, pp. 1101 - 1105. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Filella, I.; Zhang, C.; Seco, R.; Potosnak, M.; Guenther, A.; Karl, Thomas; Gamon, John; Pallardy, Stephen; Gu, Lianhong; Kim, Saewung; Balzarolo, Manuela; Fernandez-Martinez, Marcos; Penuelas, Josep (2018): A MODIS Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) as an Estimator of Isoprene Emissions in a Temperate Deciduous Forest.
    In: Remote Sensing 10/4, No. 557. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Förster K.; Garvelmann J.; Meißl G.; Strasser U. (2018): Modelling forest snow processes with a new version of WaSiM.
    In: Hydrological Sciences Journal / Journal Des Sciences Hydrologiques 63/10, pp. 1540 - 1557. (DOI)

  • Fry, J.L.; Brown, S. S.; Middlebrook, A. M.; Edwards, P. M.; Campuzano-Jost, P.; Day, D. A.; Jimenez, J. L.; Allen, H. M.; Ryerson, T. B.; Pollack, I.; Graus, M.; Warneke, C.; de Gouw, J.A.; Brock, C.A.; Gilman, J.; Lerner, B.M.; Dubé, W.,P.; Liao, J.; Welti, A. (2018): Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) yields from NO3 radical + isoprene based on nighttime aircraft power plant plume transects.
    In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18/16, pp. 11663 - 11682. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Gebetsberger, Manuel; Stauffer, Reto; Mayr, Georg J.; Zeileis, Achim (2018): Skewed Logistic Distribution for Statistical Temperature Post-Processing in Mountainous Areas.
    In: Working Papers in Economics and Statistics - University of Innsbruck 2018-06, elektronisch. (Web link)

  • Goger, B.; Rotach, M.W.; Gohm, A.; Fuhrer, O.; Stiperski, I.; Holtslag, A. (2018): The Impact of Three-Dimensional Effects on the Simulation of Turbulence Kinetic Energy in a Major Alpine Valley.
    In: Boundary-Layer Meteorology 168/1, pp. 1 - 27. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Goosse, H.; Barriat, P.-Y.; Dalaiden, Q.; Klein, F.; Marzeion, B.; Maussion, F.; Pelucchi, P.; Vlug, A. (2018): Testing the consistency between changes in simulated climate and Alpine glacier length over the past millennium.
    In: Climate of the Past 14, pp. 1119 - 1133. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Hanzer, F.; Förster, K.; Nemec, J.; Strasser, U. (2018): Projected cryospheric and hydrological impacts of 21st century climate change in the Ötztal Alps (Austria) simulated using a physically based approach.
    In: Hydrology And Earth System Sciences 22/2, pp. 1593 - 1614. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Hodshire, A. L.; Palm, B. B.; Alexander, M. L.; Bian, Q.; Campuzano-Jost, P.; Cross, E. S.; Day, D. A.; de Sá, S. S.; Guenther, A. B.; Hansel, A.; Hunter, J. F.; Jud, W.; Karl, T.; et al. (2018): Constraining nucleation, condensation, and chemistry in oxidation flow reactors using size-distribution measurements and aerosol microphysical modeling.
    In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18, pp. 12433 - 12460. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Ilyashuk, Boris P.; Ilyashuk, Elena A.; Psenner, Roland; Tessadri, Richard; Koinig, Karin A. (2018): Rock glaciers in crystalline catchments: Hidden permafrost-related threats to alpine headwater lakes.
    In: Global Change Biology 24/4, pp. 1548 - 1562. (DOI)

  • Jiang, X.; Guenther, A.; Potosnak, Mark; Geron, C.; Seco, R.; Karl, Thomas; Kim, Saewung; Gu, Lianhong; Pallardy, Stephen (2018): Isoprene emission response to drought and the impact on global atmospheric chemistry.
    In: Atmospheric Environment 183, pp. 69 - 83. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Johnston, V.E.; Borsato, A.; Frisia, S.; Spötl, C.; Dublyansky, Y.; Töchterle, P.; Hellstrom, J.C.; Bajo, P.; Edwards, R.L.; Cheng, H. (2018): Evidence of thermophilisation and elevation-dependent warming during the Last Interglacial in the Italian Alps.
    In: Scientific Reports 8, No. 2680. (DOI)

  • Karl, T.; Striednig, M.; Graus, M.; Hammerle, A.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2018): Urban flux measurements reveal a large pool of oxygenated volatile organic compound emissions.
    In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115/6, pp. 1186 - 1191. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Klug, C.; Bollmann, E.; Galos, S. P.; Nicholson, L.; Prinz, R.; Rieg, L.; Sailer, R.; Stötter, J.; Kaser, G. (2018): Geodetic reanalysis of annual glaciological mass balances (2001–2011) of Hintereisferner, Austria.
    In: The Cryosphere 12/3, pp. 833 - 849. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Kneringer, Philipp; Dietz, Sebastian; Mayr, Georg J.; Zeileis, Achim (online first): Probabilistic Nowcasting of Low-Visibility Procedure. States at Vienna International Airport During Cold Season.
    In: PURE AND APPLIED GEOPHYSICS, pp. 1 - 13. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Koltai, G.; Cheng, H.; Spötl, C. (2018): Palaeoclimate significance of speleothems in crystalline rocks: a test case from the Late Glacial and early Holocene (Vinschgau, northern Italy).
    In: Climate of the Past 14/3, pp. 369 - 381. (DOI)

  • Krinner, G.; Derksen, C.; Essery, R.; Flanner, M.; Hagemann, S.; Clark, M.; Hall, A.; Rott, H.; Brutel-Vuilment, C.; Kim, H.; Ménard, C.; Mudryk, L.; Thackeray, C.; Arduini, G.; Bartlett, P.; Boone, A.; Chéruy, F.; Colin, J.; Cuntz, M.; Dai, Y.; Decharme, B.; Derry, J.; Ducharne, A.; Dutra, E.; Fang, X.; Fierz, C.; Ghattas, J.; Gusev, Y.; Haverd, V.; Kontu, A.; Lafaysse, M.; Law, R.; Lawrence, D.; Li, W.; Marke, T.; Marks, D.; Nasonova, O.; Nitta, T.; Niwano, M.; Pomeroy, J.; Raleigh, M.S.; Schaedler, G.; Semenov, V.; Smirnova, T.; Stacke, T.; Strasser, U.; Svenson, S.; Turkov, D.; Wang, L.; Wang, T.; Wever, N.; Yuan, H.; Zhou, W. (2018): ESM-SnowMIP: Assessing models and quantifying snow-related climate feedbacks.
    In: Geoscientific Model Development. (DOI)

  • Lindberg, F.; Grimmond, C. S. B.; Gabey, A.; Huang, B.; Kent, C. W.; Sun, T.; Theeuwes, N. E.; Järvi, L.; Ward, H. C.; Capel-Timms, I. W.; Chang, Y. Y.; Jonsson, P.; Krave, N.; Liu, D.; Meyer, D.; Olofson, K. F. G.; Tan, J. G.; Wästberg, D.; Xue, L.; Zhang, Z. (2018): Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor (UMEP): An integrated tool for city-based climate services.
    In: Environmental Modelling & Software 99, pp. 70 - 87. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Marzeion, Ben; Kaser, Georg; Maussion, Fabien; Champollion, Nicolas (2018): Limited influence of climate change mitigation on short-term glacier mass loss.
    In: Nature Climate Change 8, pp. 305 - 308. (DOI) (Web link)

  • McDonald, B.C; McKeen, S. A.; Cui, Y. Y.; Ahmadov, R.; Kim, S. W.; Frost, G. J.; Pollack, I. B.; Peischl, J.; Ryerson, T. B.; Holloway, J. S.; Graus, M.; Wameke, C.; Gilman, J. B.; de Gouw,, J. A.; Kaiser, J.; Keutsch, F. N.; Hanisco, T. F.; Wolfe, G. M.; Trainer, M. (2018): Modeling Ozone in the Eastern US using a Fuel-Based Mobile Source Emissions Inventory.
    In: Environmental Science & Technology 52/13, pp. 7360 - 7370. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Nicholson, L; McCarthy, M.; Pritchard, H.; Willis I. (2018): Supraglacial debris thickness variability: Impact on ablation and relation to terrain properties.
    In: The Cryosphere 12, pp. 3719 - 3734. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Pacher, M.; Erler, R.; Spötl, C. (2018): Funde von holozänen Braunbären und Steinböcken in Höhlen des Tuxertales (Tirol).
    In: Die Höhle 69/1-4, pp. 90 - 99. (Web link)

  • Prinz, R.; Heller, A.; Ladner, M.; Nicholson, L; Kaser, G. (2018): Mapping the loss of Mt. Kenya’s glaciers: an example of the challenges of satellite monitoring of very small glaciers.
    In: GEOSCIENCES JOURNAL 8/5. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Recinos, B.; Maussion, F.; Rothenpieler, T.; Marzeion, B. (2018): Impact of frontal ablation on the ice thickness estimation of marine-terminating glaciers in Alaska, The Cryosphere Discuss.,.
    In: The Cryosphere Discussions. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Rieg, L.; Klug, C.; Nicholson, L.; Sailer, R. (2018): Pléiades tri-stereo data for glacier investigations – Examples from the European Alps and the Khumbu-Himal.
    In: Remote Sensing 10/10. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Schlosser, E.; Haumann, F. A.; Raphael, M. N. (2018): Atmospheric influences on the anomalous 2016 Antarctic Sea Ice decay.
    In: The Cryosphere 12/3, pp. 1103 - 1119. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Sfyri, Eleni; Rotach, Mathias; Stiperski, Ivana; Bosveld, Fred; Lehner, Manuela; Obleitner, Friedrich (2018): Scalar-Flux Similarity in the Layer Near the Surface Over Mountainous Terrain.
    In: Boundary-Layer Meteorology 169/1, pp. 11 - 46. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Simon, Thorsten; Fabsic, Peter; Mayr, Georg J.; Umlauf, Nikolaus; Zeileis, Achim (2018): Probabilisitc Forecasting of Thunderstorms in the Eastern Alps.
    In: Monthly Weather Review 146/9, pp. 2999 - 3009. (DOI)

  • Spötl, C. (2018): Aktuelle Wachstumsdynamik der Eisstalagmiten in der Hundsalm Eis- und Tropfsteinhöhle (Tirol).
    In: Die Höhle 69/1-4, pp. 84 - 89. (Web link)

  • Spötl, C.; Reimer, P.J.; Göhlich, U.B. (2018): Mammoths inside the Alps during the last glacial period: radiocarbon constraints from Austria and palaeoenvironmental implications.
    In: Quaternary Science Reviews 190, pp. 11 - 19. (DOI)

  • Spötl, C.; Reimer, P.J.; Rabeder, G.; Bronk Ramsey, C. (2018): Radiocarbon Constraints on the Age of the World’s Highest-Elevation Cave-Bear Population, Conturines Cave (Dolomites, Northern Italy).
    In: Radiocarbon 60/1, pp. 299 - 307. (DOI)

  • Stauffer, Reto; Mayr, Georg J.; Messner, Jakob W.; Zeileis, Achim (2018): Hourly Probabilistic Snow Forecasts over Complex Terrain: A Hybrid Ensemble Postprocessing Approach.
    In: Working Papers in Economics and Statistics - University of Innsbruck 2018-05, elektronisch. (Web link)

  • Stiperski, Ivana; Calaf, Marc (2018): Dependence of near-surface similarity scaling on the anisotropy of atmospheric turbulence.
    In: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 144/712, pp. 641 - 657. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Stoy, P.; Peitzsch, E.; Wood, D.; Rottinghaus, D.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Goulden, M.; Ward, H. (2018): On the exchange of sensible and latent heat between the atmosphere and melting snow.
    In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 252, pp. 167 - 174. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Strasser, U.; Marke, T.; Braun, L.; Escher-Vetter, H.; Juen, I.; Kuhn, M.; Maussion, F.; Mayer, C.; Nicholson, L.; Niedertscheider, K.; Sailer, R.; Stötter, J.; Weber, M.; Kaser, G. (2018): The Rofental: a high Alpine research basin (1890 m – 3770 m a.s.l.) in the Ötztal Alps (Austria) with over 150 years of hydro-meteorological and glaciological observations.
    In: Earth System Science Data 10/1, pp. 151 - 171. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Vega, C. P.; Isaksson, E.; Schlosser, E.; Divine, D.; Martma, T.; Mulvaney, R.; Eichler, A.; Schwikowski-Gigar, M. (2018): Variability of sea salts in ice and firn cores from Fimbul Ice Shelf, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.
    In: The Cryosphere 12/5, pp. 1681 - 1697. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Vieten, R.; Warken, S.; Winter, A.; Schröder-Ritzrau, A.; Scholz, D.; Spötl, C. (2018): Hurricane impact on seepage water in Larga Cave, Puerto Rico.
    In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 123/3, pp. 879 - 888. (DOI)

  • von der Heyden, L.; Deventer, M. J.; Graus, M.; Karl, T.; Lamprecht, C.; Held, A. (2018): Aerosol particles during the Innsbruck Air Quality Study (INNAQS): The impact of transient fluxes on total aerosol number exchange.
    In: Atmospheric Environment 190, pp. 389 - 400. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Warken, S.F.; Fohlmeister, J.; Schröder-Ritzrau, A.; Constantin, S.; Spötl, C.; Gerdes, A.; Esper, J.; Frank, N.; Arps, J.; Terente, M.; Riechelmann, D.F.C.; Mangini, A.; Scholz, D. (2018): Reconstruction of late Holocene autumn/winter precipitation variability in SW Romania from a high-resolution speleothem trace element record.
    In: Earth And Planetary Science Letters 499, pp. 122 - 133. (DOI)

  • Weber, M.; Scholz, D.; Schröder-Ritzrau, A.; Deininger, M.; Spötl, C.; Lugli, F.; Mertz-Kraus, R.; Jochum, K.P.; Fohlmeister, J.; Stumpf, C.F.; Riechelmann, D.C.F. (2018): Evidence of warm and humid interstadials in central Europe during early MIS 3 revealed by a multi-proxy speleothem record.
    In: Quaternary Science Reviews 200, pp. 276 - 286. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Wendt, K.A.; Dublyansky, Y.V.; Moseley, G.E.; R Edwards, R.L.; Cheng, H.; Spötl, C. (2018): Moisture availability in the southwest United States over the last three glacial-interglacial cycles.
    In: Science Advances 4/10, No. eaau1375. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Whiteman, David C.; Lehner, Manuela; Hoch, Sebastian W.; Adler, Bianca; Kalthoff, Norbert; Haiden, Thomas (2018): Katabatically Driven Cold Air Intrusions into a Basin Atmosphere.
    In: Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 57, pp. 435 - 455. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Whiteman, David C.; Lehner, Manuela; Hoch, Sebastian W.; Adler, Bianca; Kalthoff, Norbert; Vogt, Roland; Feigenwinter, Iris; Haiden, Thomas; Hills, Matthew O. G. (Ahead of Print): The nocturnal evolution of atmopsheric structure in a basin as a larger-scale katabatic flow is lifted over its rim.
    In: Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Wirbel, A.; Jarosch, A. H.; Nicholson, L. (2018): Modelling debris transport within glaciers by advection in a full-Stokes ice flow model.
    In: The Cryosphere 12/1, pp. 189 - 204. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Zhang, H.W.; Cheng, H.; Cai, Y.; Spötl, C.; Kathayat, G.; Sinha, A.; Edwards, R.L.; Tan, L. (2018): Hydroclimatic variations in southeastern China during the 4.2 ka event reflected by stalagmite records.
    In: Climate of the Past 14/11, pp. 1805 - 1817. (DOI)

  • Zhang, H.W.; Cheng, H.; Spötl, C.; Cai, Y.; Sinha, A.; Tan, L.; Yi, L.; Yan, H.; Kathayat, G.; Ning, Y.; Li, X.; Zhang, F.; Zhao, J.; Edwards, R.L. (2018): A 200-year annually laminated stalagmite record of precipitation seasonality in southeastern China and its linkages to ENSO and PDO.
    In: Scientific Reports 8, No. 12344. (DOI)

  • Zhao, J.; Cheng, H.; Yang, Y.; Tan, L.; Spötl, C.; Ning, Y.; Zhang, H.; Cheng, X.; Sun, Z.; Li, X.; Li, H.; Liu, W.; Edwards, R.L. (in press): Reconstructing the western boundary variability of the Western Pacific Subtropical High over the past 200 years via Chinese cave oxygen isotope records.
    In: Climate Dynamics, pp. 1 - 17. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Ziehmer, M.M.; Nicolussi, K.; Schlüchter, C.; Leuenberger, M. (2018): Preliminary evaluation of the potential of tree-ring cellulose content as a novel supplementary proxy in dendroclimatology.
    In: Biogeosciences 15/4, pp. 1047 - 1064. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Zolles, T.; Maussion, F.; Galos, S. P.; Gurgiser, W.; Nicholson, L. (in review): Robust uncertainty assessment of the spatio-temporal transferability of glacier mass and energy balance models.
    In: The Cryosphere Discussions. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Review)
  • Beniston, M.; Farinotti, D.; Stoffel, M.; Andrassen, L.M.; Coppola, E.; Eckert, N.; Fantini, A.; Giacona, F.; Hauck, C.; Huss, M.; Huwald, H.; Lehning, M.; López-Moreno, J.-I.; Magnusson, J.; Marty, C.; Moran-Tejéda, E.; Morin, S.; Naaim, M.; Provenzale, A.; Rabatel, A.; Six, D.; Stötter, J.; Strasser, U.; Terzago, S.; Vincent, C. (2018): The European mountain cryosphere: a Review of ist current state, trends,and future challenges.
    In: The Cryosphere 12, pp. 759 - 794. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Lehner, Manuela; Rotach, Mathias (2018): Current Challenges in Understanding and Predicting Transport and Exchange in the Atmosphere over Mountainous Terrain.
    In: Atmosphere 9/7, No. 276. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Serafin, S.; Adler, B.; Cuxart, J.; De Wekker, S.F.J.; Gohm, A.; Grisogono, B.; Kalthoff, N.; Kirschbaum, D.J.; Rotach, M.; Schmidli, J.; Stiperski, I.; Vecenaj, Z.; Zardi, D. (2018): Exchange Processes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Over Mountainous Terrain.
    In: Atmosphere 9/3, No. 102. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Other)
  • Maussion, F.; Butenko, A.; Eis, J.; Fourteau, K.; Jarosch, A. H.; Landmann, J.; Oesterle, F.; Recinos, B.; Rothenpieler, T.; Vlug, A.; Wild, C. T.; Marzeion, B.: (in review): The Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM) v1.0.
    In: Geoscientific Model Development Discussions. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Rowan, A. V.; Nicholson, L.; Collier, E.; Quincey, D. J.; Gibson, M. J.; Wagnon, P.; Rounce, D. R.; Thompson, S. S.; King, O.; Watson, C. S.; Irvine-Fynn, T. D. L.; Glasser, N. F. (in review): Multiannual observations and modelling of seasonal thermal profiles through supraglacial debris in the Central Himalaya.
    In: The Cryosphere. (DOI)

  • Stöckl, S.; Rotach, M.W.; Kljun, N. (2018): Comment on: “Corrections to the Mathematical Formulation of a Backwards Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model” by Gibson and Sailor (2012: Boundary-Layer Meteorology 145, 399–406).
    In: Boundary-Layer Meteorology 166/1, pp. 153 - 160. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Meeting-Abstract)
  • Dabernig, Markus; Mayr, Georg J.; Messner, Jakob W.; Simon, Torsten; Zeileis, Achim (2018): Simultaneous Ensemble Post-Processing for Multiple Seasons and Lead Times with GAMLSS.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-12281. (Web link)

  • Kneringer, Philipp; Dietz, Sebastian; Mayr, Georg J.; Zeileis, Achim (2018): A Multinomial Regression Model with Nonlinear Effects for Probabilistic Low-Visibility Nowcasting.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-10956-1. (Web link)

  • Lang, Moritz; Stauffer, Reto; Zeileis, Achim; Mayr, Georg J. (2018): Probabilistic Nowcasting of Wind Speeds at {V}ienna {I}nternational {A}irport.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-6967. (Web link)

  • Richter, K.; Meyssignac, B.; Slangen, A.; Melet, A.; Church, J.; Fettweis, X.; Marzeion, B.; Agosta, C.; Ligtenberg, S.; Spada, G.; Palmer, M.; Roberts, C.; Champollion, N. (2018): Comparing regional sea level changes simulated by climate models with observations from satellite altimetry over the period 1993-2015.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-12660. (Web link)

  • Rotach, M. W.; Arpagaus, M.; Cuxart, J.; De Wekker, S. J. F.; Grubisic, V.; Kalthoff, N.; Kirshbaum, D.; Lehner, M.; Mobbs, S.; Paci, A..; Serafin, S.; Zardi, D. (2018): A coordinated effort to investigate Transport and Exchange Processes in the Atmosphere over Mountains-Experiment (TEAMx).
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-13812. (Web link)

  • Simon, Thorsten; Fabsic, Peter; Mayr, Georg J.; Umlauf, Nikolaus; Zeileis, Achim (2018): Probabilistic Forecasting of Thunderstorms in the Eastern Alps.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-1473. (Web link)

  • Thomas, E.; Medley, B.; van Wessem, Melchior; Isaksson, E.; Schlosser, E.; Vallelonga, P.; Lenaerts, J.; Bertler, N.; van den Broeke, M. (2018): Antarctic snow accumulation over the past 200 years.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-1964. (Web link)

  • Wendt, K; Moseley, GE; Bourne, M; Dublyansky, Y; Edwards, RL; Cheng, H; Feinberg, J; Spötl, C (2018): 775,000 years of climate history from the southwest USA: revamping the Devils Hole cave record.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts 20, EGU2018-17477. (URN) (Web link)

Book Chapter (Original Paper)
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For publications from previous years, please see the Research Documentation Database of the University of Innsbruck.