Interdisciplinary seminar: Climate change on long and short timescales

Thursdays, 12.00-13:30, held Online via BigBlueButton: Meeting Room

This seminar is explicitly open to people from all departments and different research areas. All presenters are encouraged to follow the seminar guidelines in order to reach a broader audience and to spark a fruitful discussion.

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Date Talk 1 Talk 2 Moderation: Room:
Nov 11, 2021 Lorenz Hänchen: Timing and trends in vegetation greening indicate increasing plant available water in the Rio Santa basin (Peruvian Andes) Caroline Aubry Wake: Diagnosis of the current and future hydrological behaviour of a small glacierized basin in the Canadian Rockies Nikola Ban Online
Nov 18, 2021 Charlotte Honiat: Early Last Interglacial environmental changes recorded by speleothems from Katerloch (southeast Austria) Mirte Van der Eyden: Modeling of snow micro penetration Christoph Spötl Online
Nov 25, 2021 Lilian Schuster: Glacier surface mass balance models for large-scale glacier change projections: calibration and uncertainties Erik Holmgren: The role of glaciers as buffer for drought in 75 large-scale basins during the 21st century Fabien Maussion Online
Dec 2, 2021 Tanguy Racine: Ice caves of the Austrian Alps and their
past ice accumulation record
Martina Barandun (EURAC Research): Anthropogenic influence on surface changes at the Olivares glaciers, Central Chile Ivana Stiperski Online
Dec 9, 2021 (cancelled) DP Retreat (cancelled)    
Jan 13, 2022 Open Slot Open Slot   Online
Jan 20, 2022 Thomas Karl: Changes of air composition in the Alps during COVID19 mobility restrictions Anouk Vlug: Global glacier evolution over the last millennium and the influence of climate forcings on the mass balance Gina Moseley Online
Jan 27, 2022 Markus Möst: Evolutionary adaptation to climate change – insights from sediment archives Simon Steidle: Devils Hole water table - 820,000 year long climate record in the US' desert Karin Koinig Online
Feb 3, 2022 Michael Stichaner: Urban methane fluxes measured by eddy covariance in Innsbruck Anika Donner: Fine-grained cryogenic cave carbonates from a permafrost cave in Greenland: A Little Ice Age Story? Thomas Karl Online


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Geokolloquium 2020/21 - Institute of Geology and Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography

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ACINN Graduate Seminar 2020/21 - Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric

Wednesdays, 11:45-13:00

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