Graduate Seminar

The graduate seminar takes place on Wednesday, 11:45 - 13:00, in the seminar room (60819 SR) Bruno-Sander-Haus, 8th floor.

The Google Calendar acinn.seminar is public and you may want to add it to your calendars for the most up-to-date info.


Exploiting kilometer-scale resolution for climate change simulation over Europe Nikolina Ban
9 Oct 2019 - 11:45am
Soil modeling at ZAMG Stefan Schneider ZAMG Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019 - 11:45am (60818 EDV-Raum)
HTE or no HTE? Causal explorations of a tropical stratosphere teleconnection Verena Schenzinger MUI 30 Oct 2019 - 11:45am
Using high resolution simulations over complex mountain terrains to constrain orographic drag parametrization Annelize van Niekerk Met Office 06 Nov 2019 - 11:45am
Making Sense of Missing OH reacitivity Saewung Kim UC Irvine Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 - 12:45am (60819 SR)
Improved Interpretation and Upscaling of Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurements Natascha Kljun Lund University 13 Nov 2019 - 11:45am
The structure of turbulence over complex terrain: lessons from the oceanic boundary layer Miguel Teixeira University of Reading 20 Nov 2019 - 11:45am
POSTPONED Worldwide glacier wastage – Implications for sea level and streamflow Regine Hock University of Alaska

27 Nov 2019 - 11:45am POSTPONED

Surface thermal heterogeneities, dispersive fluxes and the conundrum of unaccounted statistical spatial inhomogeneities Marc Calaf University of Utah 4 Dec 2019 - 11:45am
Current and future challenges for attaining air quality targets: the roles of precursor emissions, ambient meteorology, and climate warming Harald Rieder BOKU

Monday, 9 Dec 2019 - 12:30pm (60818 EDV-Raum)

The impact of urban planning on carbon dioxide and aerosol particle emissions in urban areas Leena Järvi University of Helsinki 11 Dec 2019 - 11:45am
INCA and its operational applications at ZAMG Benedikt Bica ZAMG 8 Jan 2020 - 11:45am
Stable isotopes in Antarctic precipitation – from paleoclimatology to Polar Ocean freshening Elisabeth Schlosser
15 Jan 2020 - 11:45am
New particle formation around the globe: From laboratory experiments to the Everest Base Camp and beyond Federico Bianchi University of Helsinki 22 Jan 2020 - 11:45am
Cities, energy consumption and urban heat island mitigation Lorenzo Giovannini University of Trento 29 Jan 2020 - 11:45am



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