Atmospheric Turbulence

Turbulence is the main mechanism of exchange of mass, energy and momentum between the Earth surface and the overlying atmosphere and thus of vital importance across many disciplines (weather forecasting, climate, air pollution, glaciology, hydrology etc.). The Atmospheric Turbulence group at ACINN aims to improve our understanding of turbulence, particularly over complex surfaces, such as mountains. The primary focus of the group is turbulence similarity scaling, especially as it relates to turbulence anisotropy. Our research focuses on how complex terrain and various underlying surfaces (e.g. glaciated surfaces, forest canopies) influence turbulence characteristics (such as anisotropy) across all scales and how this information can be incorporated in improving similarity scaling relations in complex terrain.

ACINN is one of the leading centres in studying boundary layers and turbulence in mountainous terrain, through its extensive measurement infrastructure and broad theoretical and modelling expertize across various scales of atmospheric motions. The Atmospheric Turbulence group fosters close and lively collaborations with other groups at ACINN (Dynamic Meteorology and Ice and Climate) and abroad.

Research Topics

  • Atmospheric turbulence over complex Terrain
  • Turbulence anisotropy
  • Similarity Scaling
  • Scale interactions
Birds flying over mountains

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

Workshop on Atmospheric Turbulence (3.11. - 5.11.22 in Innsbruck)



Ivana STIPERSKI (Leader)
Samuele MOSSO

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