Master's Theses Environmental Meteorology


Year 2023:


Title: Turbulent sensible heat flux in complex terrain: a comparison between parametrizations on Hintereisferner

Student: Barbieri, S.

Advisor: Stiperski, I.

Title: From global warming to extreme precipitation: an attribution study of the Vaia storm (2018) to raise climate change risk-perception in the Trentino population

Student: Castiglione, A.

Advisor: Maussion, F.

Title: On the effect of tributary valleys on thermally driven winds in the main valley: a case study in the Inn Valley

Student: Deidda, P.

Advisor: Gohm, A.

Title: Seasonality of atmospheric new particle formation at Sonnblick Observatory – Analysis of the years 2019-2021

Student: Schmack, J.

Advisor: Nickus, U.


Year 2022:


Title: Precipitation Nowcasting: a Deep Learning Approach

Student: Campostrini, S.

Advisor: Mayr, G.

Title: Influence of moisture source and transport on deuterium excess of fresh snow samples at Neumayer Station, Antarctica

Student: Udina, B.

Advisor: Nicholson, L., Schlosser, E.

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