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ACINN is devoted to basic research in the areas of weather forecasting, mountain meteorology, earth atmosphere interactions and ice-climate relations. Our research activity is largely supported by third-party funding.

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We offer a full degree programme in Atmospheric Sciences, from Bachelor to Master and PhD. Our teaching covers all the core subjects of the dynamics, physics, chemistry of the atmosphere-cryosphere-climate system and includes prerequisites from mathematics, statistics, physics and earth sciences.

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The Department of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences (ACINN) is one of the few university departments worldwide where research and education in atmospheric science and glaciology are co-located. It is located in the heart of the Alps. Therefore, ACINN's research and teaching focus on mountain weather and forecasting, mountain climate, earth-atmosphere interaction – with an emphasis on snow- or ice-covered surfaces, exchange of gases, aerosols and other atmospheric properties over complex topography – and ice-climate relations. ACINN is embedded in the university's research areas Mountain Regions and Scientific Computing. It plays a key role in the research centre Climate - Cryosphere and Atmosphere.


Department of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52f
6020 Innsbruck

+43 512 507 54401

+43 512 507 54599

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  •   Grad­u­ate Sem­i­nar: Lukas Umek

    Title: "EURO1k: a pan-european high-resolution, rapid-update NWP system - development, applications and data-assimilation"
    Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 12:00; seminar room no. 60819; 8th floor of Bruno-Sander-Haus, Innrain 52f

  •   MSc Defen­sio: Alexan­der Plat­ter

    The role of nighttime filtering approaches for net ecosystem CO2 exchange over a mountain forest; time/location: 6th of June, 2024, 2 p.m., room UR 60306, 3rd floor of Bruno-Sander-Haus

  •   MSc Defen­sio: Benedikt Wib­mer

    Title: "Evaluation of AROME Model Valley Wind Simulations in the Inn Valley, Austria - Sensitivity to Horizontal Grid Resolution"; time/location: 4th of June, 2024, 11 a.m., computer room 60818, 8th floor of Bruno-Sander-Haus

  •   Master Defen­sio Anna Baldo

    Title: "Ablation drivers over Weißseespitze: a surface energy balance study"; 
    29th of May 2024, 8:00-10:00 a.m., on-line (link upon request) and on-site: 60818 computer room (Innrain 52f, Bruno-Sander-Haus, 8th floor)

  •   Grad­u­ate Sem­i­nar: Mir­i­jana Sakradz­ija

    Title: "A path to scale-aware representation of the convective boundary layer in numerical weather prediction". The seminar takes place on-line and on-site. Date/time: 29th of May 2024, 12:00 noon, seminar room 60819, 8th floor of Bruno-Sander-Haus

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