International Study Programmes

Joint study programmes together with international partner institutions provide students the opportunity to take part in excellent programmes of studies at two/several universities. The University of Innsbruck is engaged in many such programmes:

Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window for Lot 12 - Swap and Transfer

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Erasmus Mundus Master Astrophysics

AstroMundus is a 2-years Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Astronomy and Astrophysics offered by a consortium of 5 partner universities in 4 different countries: Austria, Italy, Germany, and Serbia.
Its main objective is to provide top-ranked students with an excellent background in Astrophysics, to introduce them to the world of modern astrophysical research, and foster their future career in this field. At the same time, in the spirit of the Erasmus Mundus programmes, we promote cultural exchanges between Third Country and European students and academics.

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European Master in Classical Cultures

The European Master in Classical Cultures is an internationally integrated, interdisciplinary programme in Classical Studies, supported by 12 partner universities from 10 European countries. As an Erasmus Curriculum Development Project, the planning and the implementation of the Masters programme has been subsidised by the European Union since 2006, as it fulfils the criteria for promoting mobility and cooperation in the field of higher education in Europe particularly well.

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Masterstudium Sprachliche und literarischen Varietäten in der frankophonen Welt

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