Leave of absence

Upon application, students can take a leave of absence for one or more semesters in accordance with § 67 UG, BGBL.Nr. 120/2002 as amended in conjunction with § 32 of the statutes "Study Law Provisions" in the version of the University of Innsbruck Gazette of 10 February 2022, 17th edition, No. 277, if one of the following reasons applies:


  1. Military service, training or civilian service

(Proof: official notice confirming conscription and/or allocation)

  1. Illness that demonstrably hinders the progress of studies

(Proof: doctor’s note issued by a specialist and expected duration of the illness)

  1. Pregnancy

(Proof: confirmation of pregnancy, including predicated birth date, issued by a specialist)

  1. Childcare obligations

(Proof: birth certificate of the child and confirmation of registration of the shared household)

  1. Necessary care of a close relative living in the same household who is ill

(Proof: Specialist medical certificate and confirmation of registration for the shared household)

  1. Completion of a voluntary social year

(Proof of the exact duration)

  1. Temporary impairment in connection with a disability

(Proof: disability pass, current medical certificate if applicable)

  1. Completion of an internship that is closely related to the content of the study programme, following a statement from the Dean of Studies and confirmation from the internship position

The following applies to leave of absence:

  1. Leave of absence must be applied for via LFU:online by the beginning of the respective semester (1 October or 1 March) and must include the above-mentioned documents.
  2. In the event of unforeseen and unavoidable occurrence of a reason listed under items 2 to 5 and 7, the leave of absence can also be applied for during the semester (effective from winter semester 2022/2023).
  3. Academic achievements completed up to the time of the leave of absence (in particular completed courses and examinations) remain valid.


Admission to the degree programme remains valid during the leave of absence. Participation in courses, taking examinations and the submission and assessment of written work (e.g. Bachelor's, Diploma and Master's theses, dissertations) is not permitted. The transitional period for the expiry of the old curriculum remains unaffected by a leave of absence, i.e. the deadline is not extended.

During the leave of absence, the tuition fee according to § 92 UG 2002 is waived, the student fee (=ÖH-Beitrag) according to the Austrian Students' Union Act (Hochschülerschaftsgesetz) must be paid in any case.

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