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... since 1669! Founded over 350 years ago, the University of Innsbruck today is the most important research and educational institution in western Austria, offering a wide range of programmes across all disciplines. Located in the heart of the Alps, it offers 28,000 students and 5,500 employees the best conditions.


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From 11 to 22 March, we inform online about our Master's programmes.

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The University of Innsbruck offers more than 160 degree programmes which can be supplemented with practical elective packages.

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Various contact points are happy to help pupils, prospective students and students.

10 reasons to study at the University of Innsbruck
There are many good reasons to study at the University of Innsbruck. Innsbruck also has a lot to offer.



Illustration mit 91 blauen Kugeln in einer ovalen Fläche angeordnet

Quantum sensor technology

Net­work of quan­tum sen­sors boosts pre­ci­sion

Quantum sensor technology promises even more precise measurements of physical quantities. A team led by Christian Roos at the University of Innsbruck has now compared the signals of up to 91 quantum sensors with each other and thus successfully eliminated the noise caused by interactions with the environment. Correlation spectroscopy can be used to increase the precision of sensor networks.

Ski tourism

US ski indus­try suf­fered a $5 bil­lion hit from cli­mate change

For the first time, a study has estimated the economic damage of climate change to the ski industry. The study by the University of Innsbruck and the University of Waterloo in Canada reveals that the economic losses to the US ski industry from human-caused climate change exceeded more than US$5 billion over the last two decades.


The Secret Diary of Karl Bene­dikt Hase

Karl Bene­dikt Hase (1780–1864) is recogn­ised as one of the fore­most Greek scholars in the French aca­demia of his time. The LAGOOS project has at its core the disc­overy of 9 volu­mes of the private diary of Hase, written in Ancient Greek and preser­ved at the Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv, Weimar. 

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Ukrainischer Soldat steht vor ukrainischer Flagge, die Gegend rundherum ist zerstört

7 March

Top Event (German)

Russland, Ukraine und die Zukunft

Book presentation by University Professor Dr Gerhard Mangott on the war in Ukraine, followed by a discussion. The renowned Russia expert analyses the background, consequences and the question of whether a mass upheaval from below or a palace revolt against Vladimir Putin is conceivable in Russia - and what this would mean for Russia, Europe and the world.

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Mountain Regions

We collect knowledge for the development of habitats and natural areas in mountains worldwide.


We drive forward biomolecular and biomedical developments.

Digital Science

We are driving digitalisation in research.

Materials and nanosciences

We utilise the synergies between physics, chemistry, earth sciences, pharmaceutics and civil engineering.


We ask questions about cultural dynamics and transformations.


We explore the workings of nature - from elementary particles to galaxies.

Scientific Computing

We contribute to solving complex, data-intensive problems in all scientific fields.

Economy, Politics & Society

Together, we get to the bottom of the big questions facing society across disciplinary boundaries.

Shaping the future

Many people have found their calling in research, teaching or administration at the University of Innsbruck. Join us in shaping the future and work in an international, diverse and family-friendly working environment. As an employee of the University of Innsbruck, you will also benefit from numerous benefits, such as

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