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Die Teilnehmer*innen der UNo Summer School gemeinsam mit Rektor Tilmann Märk, LV-Leiter Alexander Plaikner und Simon Kolb von Swarovski

Tea­ching part­ner­ship with Swarovski Water­school

Since the beginning of July, the UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School, organized by the University of New Orleans, has once again taken place at the University of Innsbruck. For students on the International Management and Communication courses, one of the most successful companies in Tyrol was at the center of teaching for one week: Swarovski.

Two coloured balls that leave traces

A road­map for the future of quan­tum simu­la­tion

A roadmap for the future direction of quantum simulation has been set out in Nature this week. An international team of researchers, among them Innsbruck physicists Peter Zoller and Christian Kokail explore near and medium-term possibilities for quantum simulation on analogue and digital platforms.

The participants of the conference in front of the main building of the University of Innsbruck.

Under­stan­ding Cli­mate Rese­arch from Caves

The University of Innsbruck Quaternary Research Group recently hosted the international conference "Climate Change The Karst Record IX (KR9)" in Innsbruck and online. Around 200 participants from all over the world attended the conference from 17 to 21 July.

Staircase in orange

Repro­du­ci­bi­lity is the best pre­dic­tor of gene­ra­li­z­abi­lity

An international team of researchers was recently able to show that research results from the field of strategic management in some cases generalizes to new time periods and new geographies. The decisive criterion for this is the reproducibility of a study.

Bunte Kugeln und Laserlicht

Quan­tum com­puter works with more than zero and one

For decades computers have been synonymous with binary information – zeros and ones. Now a team at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, realized a quantum computer that breaks out of this paradigm and unlocks additional computational resources, hidden in almost all of today’s quantum devices.

Image of the Carina nebula

A clear shot into the cen­ter of the Milky Way

Nadeen B. Sabha from the University of Innsbruck is the first astrophysicist in Austria to lead a research project at the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Together with an international team, she wants to detect very young stars at the center of our Galaxy. 

Dyed muscle fibres of a hydra tentacle, in bright blue and red

The Hippo and the Hydra

A new study describes the development of the body axis in the immortal freshwater polyp Hydra. It is controlled by the so-called Hippo signaling pathway, which, among other functions, ensures that our organs do not continue to grow indefinitely. The Department of Zoology at the University of Innsbruck was significantly involved in the research and provided important data.

Flagge der Ukraine weht im Wind.

War in Ukrai­ne: Uni Inn­bruck helps

The University of Innsbruck is dismayed by the war in Ukraine. A crisis team has been set up to deal with the situation and is working on concrete steps to support cooperation partners


Krieg in der Ukraine: Uni Innsbruck hilft

Die Universität Innsbruck ist bestürzt über den Krieg in der Ukraine. Ein Krisenstab zur Situation ist eingerichtet und arbeitet an konkreten Schritten, mit denen sie Kooperationspartner*innen, Wissenschaftler*innen ... [weiter]

Dies Academicus


Dies Academicus

Jedes Jahr werden im Rahmen des Dies Academicus der Universität Innsbruck Persönlichkeiten aus den verschiedensten Bereichen der Gesellschaft ausgezeichnet. Alle haben si... [weiter]

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