10-071 Opening Course Access for Guests


You can set guest access to your course or any other learning resource. By doing so, you make all course contents or the learning resource publicly available. To gain guest access you do not need to log in with a user- or university account. Guests only have access to course elements without personal data. Guest access can not be given to 'Learning path courses'.

Please note: Please only apply guest access to contents where you are the owner, material that you have created and content that has been licensed accordingly.

Important Steps

  1. Go to Authoring and open the relevant course.
  2. Choose Administration and select Settings. Go to the Share tab in this interface.
  3. Under Access for members of the organisation, choose the option Bookable and open offers and click on Save. The window Add offer appears.
  4. Select Guest and then click on Create.
  5. If you wish, you can add a description. Click on Create. The course is now freely accessible for all registered OpenOlat users as well as for guests.

Guests can access the following course elements:

  • CP learning content, Blog, Wiki, Podcast, Video, Notifications, Calendar, Single Page, External page, File dialog, Link list, Document, Recordings : read/view content
  • File discussion: read and download files
  • Folder: view and download files
  • SCORM: can be performed
  • Self test: can be performed (as no personal data is stored here).

You can grant additional permissions to guests in the following course elements:

  • Test: is not accessible for guests by default, but can be enabled for anonymous users in the options. This can be done by going to the element Test in the course editor and checking the box Allow anonymous users (guests) in the Options tab.
  • Forum: Create forum contributions if allowed in the course element, otherwise read only.
  • Document: edit and download if allowed in the course element, otherwise read only.
  • Survey: conduct if allowed in course element
  • Video Livestream: viewable if the course is released for guests AND the event is set to visibility Public.
  • Virtual Classroom: Guests can participate if permission is granted.
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