Safe Exams

Digital exams with OpenOlat that are taken in the university user rooms using the Safe Exam Browser must be created in the instance. Access to the instance is only possible within the campus or via VPN.

The Safe Exam Browser is currently in the evaluation phase. Please let us know of any problems, requests or general requirements via

Course instructors can create exam courses on their own and configure the exam mode themselves. It is no longer necessary to apply for an SEB exam. However, please note the point Linking VIS:online & eExams instance.

Plan a lead time of at least two weeks for setting up the exam course.

The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a secure browser application that puts computer lab PCs into a kiosk mode, making them a temporarily secured workstation for OpenOlat exams. SEB uses a configuration key to control access to resources such as system functions, other websites or programs, and prevents the use of unauthorized digital resources during the exam.

The "booking" of the Safe Exam Browser exams is done by activating the checkbox Safe Exam Browser during the room booking of a computer room in VIS:online. The booking triggers the creation of the exam group (and subsequently the synchronization).

For each exam slot a separate exam course should be created in eExams and stored with the configuration for the Safe Exam exams. The decisive factor is the assignment of the room booking in VIS:online to an exam date. Afterwards you can fill the exam courses as usual with information and create the exam. You will find more information in HelpCard 41-010 .

Exam courses are deleted at the end of the following semester.

The exam must be started in the Safe Exam Browser. Students will find the Safe Exam Browser link on their desktops and in the Start menu.

As soon as the exam mode starts, students registered for an exam can only use OpenOlat via the Safe Exam Browser. The system is locked for registered students during the entire exam period. Therefore, please book the rooms as the exams are actually scheduled.

The booking of the rooms is done by the resource managers registered in the TVR (VIS:online).

Tip: Have a look at the rooms before booking them. In some rooms - due to the distance between the workstations - a 50% occupancy is recommended.

The Safe Exam Browser can be used in the following rooms:

Campus Technik - Architekturgebäude - Technikerstr. 21b
Room numberPC count
RR2625 PCs
RR2525 PCs
RR2225 PCs
RR2125 PCs
RR2025 PCs
RR1923 PCs
RR1819 PCs
RR1547 PCs
RR1425 PCs
HSB530 PCs
Campus Innrain - GeiWi-Turm - Innrain 52c
Room numberPC count
BR 4 3U15330 PCs
BR 3 3U14615 PCs
Campus Universitätsstraße - Sowi - Universitätsstraße 15
Room numberPC count
Ausbildungsraum 2 20 PCs
Ausbildungsraum 4 20 PCs
Ausbildungsraum 5 20 PCs

Further information

The Safe Exam Browser is an open source project whose development is ensured by the SEB Alliance. ETH Zurich ensures the ongoing operation. Many thanks for this!


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