41-010 Create an exam course in eExams and configure safe exam browser


If you want to take an exam with Safe Exam Browser, you must first create an exam course in eExams.

You can learn how to do that in this HelpCard.

Important Steps

Create exam course

  1. Open eExams.
  2. Click Authoring, here click Create, and in the drop-down menu click Course. The course wizard opens.
  3. Enter a Course title (recommendation: the LV-No.) and select the appropriate Semester.
  4. Click on Create. Now you can add more Course owners.
  5. Click on Create again. The course has now been created. A new window opens for configuration.
  6. Give the exam course a Description (optional) and click Next.
  7. Click Enabled for the Declaration in lieu of oath. You can also customize ist. Click Next.
  8. In the list of learning resources, click the test you want to include. You will now see the data for the test.
  9. Click Next. You can now configure the test and the assessment mode.
  10. Under Set assessment period, enter the date and time for From and Until. During the test period, the test can be started. As soon as the "Until time" is reached, the test is automatically submitted. Click Next.
  11. To make the course available for participants, the Status must be set to Published. (The status can be changed at any time).
  12. Finally, click Finish. You are now in the settings of your course. More information can be found in the HelpCard 10-012.
  13. Click on the title of your course in the upper left corner. This will take you to the course view.

Add group to course

  1. Click the Groups tab and open the group you want to add to the course.
  2. Click Administration in the group and then click the Courses tab.
  3. Click Add course and select the appropriate course.
  4. The group has now been added to your course.

More information can be found in the HelpCard 41-020.

Configure Safe Exam Browser

  1. In your exam course, click Administration and select Assessment management from the drop-down menu.
  2. If you defined an assessment mode when creating the exam course, there is already an exam setting in the overview. Click Edit next to the desired exam setting. If you have not yet created an exam setting, click Create exam setting. For a newly created setting, you must first specify a Title, Start and End of the exam mode. Then click Save.
  3. Click on Edit next to the desired exam setting. Here you can now configure all the settings for the assessment mode.
  4. In the Access tab, click Group participants only next to the option Participants.
  5. Click on Select groups. A new window opens.
  6. Select the appropriate group. Click Apply to close the window.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click on the Safe Exam Browser tab and select Use Safe Exam Browser. Use provided configuration of SEB is already preselected and the Safe Exam Browser Key is entered.
  9. Click on Save.
  10. You have now made all settings.


If you use the supplied configuration of SEB, the following settings are active:

  • Exiting SEB is allowed, without password.
  • Reloading in an exam is allowed, and the reload button is displayed
  • Zoom in/out is allowed, with Ctrl + and Ctrl - as well as in the menu in the upper right corner
  • Time is displayed
  • Selection for keyboard layout is displayed (for language change)
  • Spell check is not enabled
  • Address bar is not displayed
  • Page menu is displayed (can be called with Windows + A)
  • Search allowed, with Ctrl + F or menu top right
  • Up- and download not allowed
  • Quit link not active
  • No additional programs allowed
  • URL filter activated
  • No allowed pages except eExams
  • Number of allowed screens: 1
  • Ease of Access (High contrast, Sticky keys, ...) adjustable via Windows Security Screen
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