10-012 General Settings


If you open one of the courses where you have authoring rights and go to the Administration panel and choose Settings, you can configure the settings of the Conventional course or Learning path. This HelpCard will provide you with further information and give an overview of the options you have available.

Important Steps

  1. Open one of your courses and go to the Administration panel and choose Settings. You will now find a horizontal row of tabs with the options below:

  2. Info: You can describe your course and add a title, an image or a video clip. If you have made changes, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. All the entered information will be shown on the Course info. The Course info page can be found in the Toolbar when the course is in view mode. For more details on how to manage the Toolbar, please go to the Toolbar entry below.

  3. Metadata: The metadata of your course where you for example can choose a license for the entire course. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

  4. Execution: You can define a timespan and a location for the execution of the course. These settings do not influence the accessibility of the course. They will be shown in the Course info as additional information only. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

    • In a Learning path course you can also choose how the learning process is ‘calculated’. You can go to HelpCard 10-110 for further information on this.

  5. Share: See HelpCard 10-070, ‘Access Options for Courses’ for further information.

  6. Layout: Change the layout of your course (for example change the font or colour scheme). Click on the Save button to save any changes.

  7. Toolbar: For more information on Toolbar options see HelpCard 10-100.

  8. Assessment: There are several options under the Assessment tab. If you for example tick the option Use evidence of achievement, members of your course will find the option Evidence of achievement in the upper right corner of their course interface. Here the course members will have an overview of all assessable course elements (Test, Task, Tally list, etc.) with an individual updated assessment status. If the Generate PDF certificate option is activated, a certificate will be generated as soon as all conditions are met. Click on the Save button to save any changes.

    • In a Learning path course you can make additional configurations here. For more information see HelpCard 10-110.

  9. Options: A course-specific glossary or a resource folder can be configured, activated and linked to the course. Click on the Save button to save any changes. You can also activate an internal course folder for tutors. After editing, click the Save button.

  10. When everything is customised, you can return to the course view by clicking the course name in the upper left corner.


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Please note: it may happen that the English HelpCards are not up to date. Should you find discrepancies with the functions in OpenOlat, please refer to the German version of the HelpCard.

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