32-020 Learning resource Video


OpenOlat offers several options for embedding video files as Learning resources. You can upload videos directly into OpenOlat or insert links. In both cases the configuration options remain the same.

Please note: Videos as well as video links need to utilise the MP4 format for you to be able to upload them or to import the link.

Important Steps

  1. Select the Authoring section. Here you find the buttons Import and Import URL.
    • Select the button Import to import a video file.
    • Select the button Import URL to insert a video link.
    • A new window opens up.
  2. Select the file you would like to upload or the link you would like to insert:
    • Uploading a video: Click onto the field besides File and select the desired video from your computer (depending on the file size, uploading can take a while). Thereafter, click onto Import.
    • Importing a video URL: Fill in the URL of the video link as well as a title for the video. Thereafter, click onto Import.
    • The Learning resource Video has been created.
  3. You arrive in the Settings of the learning resource Video, in particular in the Info area. Optionally, you may change the title of the learning resource or enter a description here. Save any changes you decide to make.

You have different options of modifying the access to the video in the Share tab. You can decide to open the access to the video for other authors, users or even guests. You will find more detailed information about this in HelpCard 10-070.

You can configure your video in various ways (for example by adding chapters, annotations, a quiz or subtitles), more detailed instructions for this can be found in HelpCard 32-031.

Step-by-step instructions for how to embed videos in one (or multiple) course(s) can be found in HelpCard 32-030.

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