32-031 Configuration options for the course element Video


If you upload a video as a learning resource into OpenOlat, you will have several configuration options at your disposal. This HelpCard will explain the following functions:

  • Replace poster: In this tab you can define with what image the video is to be shown in the Authoring section and in the Course.
  • Chapters: In the tab Chapters you can add chapters to the video. When viewing the video, the viewer can jump from chapter to chapter.
  • Annotations: This function lets you add annotations to different moments of a video, e.g. to highlight particularly important points or to add certain aspects.
  • Segments: Segments are used in the course element Video task (for more information see HelpCard 32-050). They mark defined areas in the video to which the participants have to assign predefined terms or situations (= categories).
  • Comments: Comments can be placed specifically at a certain point in the video and, for example, highlight important key statements of the video, provide supplementary information on the topic or notes on the following video section.
  • Quiz: In the tab Quiz you can add quiz questions to different moments of a video. These will be shown when viewing the video and viewers can answer the questions then. Please note: The questions are only meant to be a self-learning tool, no assessment at the end of the video is possible.
  • Subtitle configuration: It is possible to add subtitles to your video. Please note: The subtitles themselves need to be created with another software.
  • Download: This function allows downloading of videos.

Important Steps


  1. Choose the desired video in the Authoring section in the tab My entries.
  2. Click on Administration in the upper left corner and then on Settings. You are now in the settings and see info about the video.
    • Metadata tab: Here you will find the metadata of the video.
    • Share tab: For more information, see HelpCard 10-070.
    • Replace poster tab: Here you can delete the existing poster (start image), replace it or upload a new one.
    • Subtitle configuration tab: Please note: Subtitles are not created in OpenOlat, this must be done with external software. Select Add Subtitles to select a language and upload the corresponding subtitle file from your computer (it must be a file in .srt or .vtt format). After that click the Upload button. The subtitle file is added and can be deleted if necessary.
    • Video quality tab: Here you will see information about the quality.
    • Download Tab: Allow allows the download of the learning resource.

Video Editor

  1. Choose the desired video in the Authoring section in the tab My entries.
  2. Click Administration at the top left and then Video Editor. You are now in the video editor.
  3. In the timeline, you can see the entries in the video and sort them using the filters.
  4. The configuration options in the video editor are described below.



  1. With the Add chapter button you can set the name and start time for a new chapter. Existing chapters can be edited with the pencil icon and deleted in the three-dot menu.


  1. The Add annotation button creates a new annotation and lets you set the following parameters:
    • Start and end of the annotation
    • Duration
    • Text
    • Color
    • Position and size
  2. Save your annotations.
  3. You can switch between annotations by clicking on the name of the current annotation or the adjacent arrow button.


  1. The Add segment button creates a new segment.
  2. You can define a start and end time for segment, as well as its duration.
  3. You can change the category of a segment by clicking on the category name.
  4. Save your entries.
  5. With the Category button you can create additional categories, as well as rename them and assign colors.


  1. The Add comment button brings up a drop-down menu with four different comment options:
    • Text: select a start time here, as well as a color if desired, and compose your text.
    • Record video
    • Import video
    • Video URL to import
  2. Save your entries.


  1. Use the Add question button to create a new question.
  2. Select the desired question type from the drop-down menu. More information on question types can be found in HelpCard 40-000.
  3. Set a start time for the question, as well as a time limit and color if desired.
  4. You can also specify whether the question may be skipped, and whether a new attempt is allowed.
  5. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the question to edit the question.
  6. Save your entries.

Problems or questions?
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Please note: it may happen that the English HelpCards are not up to date. Should you find discrepancies with the functions in OpenOlat, please refer to the German version of the HelpCard.

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