40-061 Assessing in the Assessment tool


You can assess tests anonymously within OpenOlat using the assessment tool.

Important Steps

  1. In your course, click on Administration at the top left and then on Assessment Tool. The Assessment Tool window opens. Alternatively, click directly on the element to be corrected and select the tab Participant.
  2. In the course structure on the left, select the element you want to assess. The overview of the course element opens.
  3. Click on the field Participant and then on Correction toolThe correction mode opens.
  4. You now have the option to correct either by individual questions or by users.
  5. In the Questions section, you will find a three-point menu on the right-hand side for each question.

    1. Mark all for review: The selected question will be marked for review.

    2. Remove all marks: Marks that have been set will be removed.

    3. Add points to participants score: For the selected question, the defined number of points is added to the score of all participants. The maximum number of points for the question will not be exceeded.

    4. Set points for all participants: For the selected question, the defined score is set for all participants. The maximum number of points for the question must not be exceeded.

  6. Click on a question to open the correction form. To switch between questions, use the navigation buttons at the top. 
    • Status: This shows the status of the question. E.g. whether the question has been assessed as correct or incorrect.
    • Score: You can also manually overwrite automatically awarded scores. In this case, however, the points awarded must be between the minimum and maximum number of points previously configured in the respective question.
    • Comment: This is visible to the participants in the test summary.
    • Assessment documents: Instead of a text, you can attach a scoring document, for example.
    • Mark for review: the question is marked for review.
  7. Click on Save or on Save and back to overview.
  8. When you have finished your correction, click on Save results as completed.
  9. The status of the participants now changes to Finished.


Enabling the rating

  1. Depending on the configuration, the visibility of the rating must now be enabled. To do this, mark the participants with the checkbox on the left edge of the table and click on Release.
  2. The assessment can be viewed by the participants either via the transcript of records or, depending on the configuration, via the test course element. For more information on the second option, see HelpCard 40-070.
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