10-031 Visibility and Access – Course elements in a Learning path


In a Learning path course, the Learning path tab can be used to configure course elements according to the Execution criterion - a desired period of time for the course element is to be worked on, or the Completion criterion. The sequence of the course elements can be configured in the primary course element, holding the title of your course. The configuration of visibility and access to the course elements will be explained in this HelpCard.

Important Steps

How to configure single course elements

  1. In your course, click on Administration and select Course editor. The course editor opens up.
  2. In the course structure to the left, click on the relevant course element and select the Learning path.
  3. Here, you can configure the following:
    • Execution Mandatory: Getting the course element done is mandatory and it will be included in the percentage score of the individual course result. Every mandatory course element counts the same percentage value. Should there for example be ten mandatory course elements, every course element counts 10% towards the course result. For more information about the Learning path progress bar, see HelpCard 10-110.
    • Execution Optional: Optional course elements will not be included in the percentage score counting towards the individual course result. Scores, however, will be added to the Learning path progress bar.
    • Execution Excluded: This course element will not be shown in the learning path and cannot be done by course members.
    • Execution Exclusions: If you switch on this option, you can configure the execution of single exclusions. For more information see HelpCard 10-032.
    • Relative date: The course element can be processed relative to the date of the First course launch or the date of Enrolment in the course.
    • Release date: Decides from what date the course element can be processed from.
    • Due date: If a course element is mandatory, a due date for the processing of the course element can be added here.
    • Learning time: Here you can add how long the processing time is estimated to be. This period of time, however, does not restrict access to the course element. It is especially relevant to configure this, if you have selected in the Execution tab in the Settings for your course, stating that the Calculation of the learning progress is to be According to the estimated duration of the course elements (for more details see HelpCard 10-110). In this case, the estimated processing times of all course elements will be added together to calculate the time for the entire learning progress.
    • Completion criterion: The Completion criterion has the following results when the condition is met:
      1. The course element will be marked as Finished in the course structure.
      2. The learning path progress will be changed accordingly.
      3. In a sequential Learning path, the next mandatory course element will then be marked as accessible.
    • Visit course element: The course element will count as finished once the course element has been opened.
    • Confirmation by participant: The course element will count as finished once the course member has selected Read confirmation in the upper right-hand corner of the course element.


For the following course elements, there are additional criteria that you can configure to count as Finished:


Advanced configurations

For the course elements below, you can choose advanced configuration: Survey, Form, Folder, Appointment scheduling, Document, Wiki, Blog, Podcast, File dialog, Notifications, Forum, Calendar. Use the following steps to do so:

  1. Open the  Configuration or Learning content tab (for example Podcast learning content etc.).
  2. Switch the slider Show advanced configuration on the right of the page to “On”.
  3. Here, you can define the exact rights of the roles, Users and groups, in the learning resource.
  4. You can also add time restrictions to the configurations.


Configuring the sequence of course elements

  1. If you would like to configure the sequence of the course elements, click on the primary course element with the title of your course (in the course structure to the left of the page) and choose the tab Learning path.
  2. The Sequence of steps can be set to Sequential or with No sequence. 'Sequential' means that the course members must finish the course elements in the prescribed order of the course structure. 'No sequence' means that the course elements can be finished in any order and the progress to another course element is independent of the completion of a previous element.
  3. Please note: If you switch the execution to Excluded, course members of the learning path course do not have access to the course element any longer.
  4. Click on the red X in the upper right-hand corner in order to close the Course editor. Choose the option Yes, automatically in order to publish your changes (for details about publishing of contents see HelpCard 10-020). The changes have now been published and will be applied to the course view.
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