10-020 Course editor and how to Publish Content


Once a course has been created, content can be added. You can do this with the course editor. Here you can add course elements and edit or delete them. These changes are not immediately visible to the course members. In order to make these changes visible, you need to publish them. This HelpCard will show you how to do that.

Important steps

  1. Click on Authoring in the main menu and choose the relevant course in the My entries tab. The course opens up.
  2. Click on Administration in the upper left-hand corner of your course and then on the Course editor. The course editor opens up (This mode is recognizable by the yellow-white row at the top of the interface).
  3. In the menu line you can now:
    • Insert course elements: A list of all available course elements, sorted by their categories is shown.
    • Quick-Add: Fill in the type of course element into the Quick-Add bar and push the Enter button to add it to your course.
  4. In order to configure a course element, you first choose it in the course structure to the left of the course. There are different configuration options, depending on which course element you would like to edit. Detailed information about this can be found in the HelpCards dealing with the respective course elements.
    • If you wish to delete course elements, click onto the button Delete underneath the yellow-white row. For more information see HelpCard 10-013 Deleting course contents.
    • If you wish to change the location of a course element or duplicate it, firstly, select the relevant course element, then click on the three-dot-menu to the right underneath the yellow-white row and choose the desired option.
  5. When you have made all desired changes to the course, click on Publish in the upper right-hand corner. The Publishing window opens up. All changed course elements are highlighted here. Inspect the changes and deselect and/or select elements that you would like to publish.
  6. Click on the Next button. The next page will show you information about problems concerning the publishing of the course elements. In order to skip the rest of the publishing process, you can click on the Finish button in this step. Alternatively, you will be informed about details regarding Background update and Summary of modifications in the next two steps.
  7. The changes will then be published and applied to the course view.
  8. Alternatively, you can publish changes directly by closing the course editor. In order to close the course editor, click on the red X in the upper right-hand corner just above the yellow-white row. Should there still be unpublished changes, you are presented with the following options:
    • Publish automatically: All unpublished changes will be published.
    • Publish manually: You can now choose which changes should be published (see points 5 and 6 above).
    • Do not publish: The course editor will be closed without any changes being published.
    • Cancel: Cancel publishing, go back to editor.
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