10-032 Exceptions in the learning path


You can configure exceptions for individual course elements or course structures, even for individual participants or groups. This allows you to differentiate who is allowed to see and edit the respective course element and who is not. First a basic setting is made and then exceptions from this basic setting can be defined. Several exceptions are also possible. For example, a course element can be basically obligatory but configured in such a way that editing is voluntary for certain persons or groups or the course element is not visible at all (excluded). These exceptions can be used to implement individual learning paths for different learners.

For tips on implementing exceptions in learning paths, see this Whitepaper.

Important steps

  1. In your course on the upper left corner, click on Administration and then on Course editor. The Course editor opens up.
  2. Click on the course element for which you want to create an exception.
  3. Click on the Learning Path tab. For more information on this tab, see HelpCard 10-031.
  4. If you want to create exceptions to these options, click Enable Exceptions, and then click Add Exception..
  5. You can select the following criteria for your exceptions:
    • Groups
    • Organisations
    • Users
    • User property
    • Course element passed
  6. Save your entries.

Multiple exceptions can be created.

To delete an exception again, click on delete.


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