20-060 Sending e-mails to Participants via Course element E-mail


Communication with course members

The course element E-mail feature allows multidirectional communication (course owners to participants, participants to course owners, participants to participants). As a requirement, the relevant users must be enrolled in the course (participants or group members). You will find more information about Members management in HelpCard 20-020.

Alternatively, the course elements Forum (HelpCard 30-050) or Notifications (HelpCard 30-060) can be used to communicate with course members. You can also send emails to groups and single/multiple users, using the Members management (HelpCard 20-050). The emails will be sent to the email addresses that are linked to the user accounts.

Important Steps


  1. Open your course via Authoring. Select Administration and choose Course editor. The Course editor opens

  2. Choose Insert course elements in the upper left-hand corner and under Administration and Organisation the course element E-mail. The course element E-mail has now been added to the course structure. The element can optionally be moved somewhere else, using Drag&Drop. 

  3. In the Title and description of course element tab under Short title, write the title to be displayed in the course structure. Optionally, fill in information about the recipients of the e-mails in the Description section.

  4. Save your changes. In the Visibility and Access or Learning path tabs you can choose to customise the visibility and access to the course elements:

    • If your course is a Conventional course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-030.

    • If your course is a Learning path course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-031.

      In addition to the settings mentioned there, the following options are available for selection as completion criteria:

      • E-mail sent: The course element is completed as soon as an e-mail has been sent.

  5. In the tab Recipient you need to define the recipients of the e-mails. Optionally, you can define a template for the Subject and the Message.

  6. Click on the red X in the upper right-hand corner of the interface to close the Course editor. To publish the changes, choose the option Yes, automatically (for further information on Publishing of course contents see HelpCard 10-020). The changes are now being published in the course. 

  7. Click on the Course element E-mail in the course structure to the left. In the window that opens, you can type in a Subject and a Message, attach a message and send the e-mail.

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