00-020 Personal Settings


In the Personal Settings you can customize OpenOlat to your needs .

Important Steps

Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner to open your personal settings.

Personal tools

  • Calendar: Only you have access to this calendar.
  • Personal Folder: You have 1GB of storage space available in the personal folder. The Personal Folder is divided into the private and public areas. Only you have access to the private area. You can make files in public accessible to other users.
  • Notes: The notes you have created in your courses at the top right under My course.
  • Evidence of achievement: Certificates and evidence of achievement from all your courses.
  • Other users: Search for user:inside and access this person's public folder via the Folder menu item.
  • Portfolio 2.0: Here you can access the Portfolio 2.0.
  • Media center: Central collection point for media.
  • To-dos: Create and manage personal tasks in the form of to-dos.
  • E-mail: View all emails sent and received via OpenOlat.



  • Profile: You can enter additional personal information here. This will then be visible on your business card.
  • Settings tab System:
    • Language: Change the system language.
    • E-mail notification: Set the frequency of your e-mail notifications in the drop-down menu.
    • User tools: Define quick access tools. These appear as icons to the left of your profile picture.
    • Click Save in each case to make the changes you have made effective. The changes will only be visible the next time you log in.
  • Settings tab Instant Messaging: Settings for the Olat internal chat.

You can log out of OpenOlat with Log out.

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