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00-020 Personal Settings


In the Personal Settings you can modify the OpenOlat preferences to suit your needs. To open your personal menu, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. This displays the functions you have access to. Personal tools gives you access to tools such as, Calendar, Notes and your OpenOlat Internal Mailbox. Configuration is where you can configure your Profile and System settings as well as other configuration settings. You can also define quick access links here.

Important Steps

Personal tools

  • Calendar: You have exclusive access rights to your calendar.
  • Personal folder: You have 1 GB of storage space. If you click on your Personal Folder, it contains a private and a public folder. You have exclusive access rights to your private folder. If you want to share your files with other users, place the files in the public folder.
  • Notes: Shows notes that you have created in your courses under the My Course section.
  • Evidences of achievement: Lists all certificates and evidences of achievement from your courses.
  • Other users: Allows you to find other users and access their public folders by using the Folder menu.
  • Portfolio 2.0: Gives you access to Portfolio 2.0.
  • E-mail: Gives you access to all e-mails, sent and received using the OpenOlat mail system.



  1. Click onto Profile to add additional personal information. The information will then become visible in your visiting card.
  2. With the System settings, you can configure several system settings using the System tab:
    • Language: Allows you to change the system language.
    • E-mail notification: Allows you to choose the frequency of your email notifications.
    • User tools allows you to choose the user tools that you would like to access from the navigation bar. They will then become quick links and appear as symbols to the left of your profile picture.
  1. Remember always to Save your changes. The changes will not be activated until the next login.  
  2. Log out: Logs you out of OpenOlat.

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Please note: it may happen that the English HelpCards are not up to date. Should you find discrepancies with the functions in OpenOlat, please refer to the German version of the HelpCard.

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