30-031 Resource folder

A resource folder is used to collect teaching material. As in a normal folder (see HelpCard 30-030), files can be uploaded, edited, created and downloaded there . The resource folder is useful if you want to use the same files in several courses. Changes to files in the resource folder are automatically visible in all courses in which it has been integrated. A resource folder has a storage capacity of 1 GB. You can have the capacity increased if needed. To do so, write to e-campus@uibk.ac.at with the title of the resource folder, adding that this is a resource folder.

Important steps

Create the learning resource Resource folder in the Authoring:

  1. Click Authoring in the main menu. The Authoring opens.
  2. Click the Create button. A drop-down menu opens.
  3. Click on Resource folder. Now enter a title for your resource folder and then click Create. The learning resource Resource folder is now created and you are in the settings of the Resource folder.
  4. If needed, you can enter a description, title image, or teaser movie here. Save your changes. In the Metadata tab, you can assign a license (see HelpCard 00-040). In the Share tab, you have the option of making your resource folder available to others (see HelpCard 10-070).
  5. To fill your resource folder with content, click on the name of the resource folder in the crumb navigation above Administration.
  6. Here you can upload or create files just like in a normal folder (see HelpCard 30-032)


To include the learning resource you created in the Authoring in a course, you need to do the following:

  1. In your course, click on Administration and then on Settings.
  2. Select the Options tab on the right.
  3. Under Selected resource folder, you can include a resource folder by clicking Replace. The Search for referenceable learning resources window opens.
  4. Here you can search and select your own resource folders or resource folders shared by other users. Click on the name of the learning resource or on the checkmark to the right to select the learning resource.
  5. If you want to be able to edit the files of the resource folder within the course, remove the checkmark at Read-only.
  6. Save your entries.
  7. You can remove the resource folder from the course by clicking Deselect or include another resource folder by clicking Replace.


To access the resource folder within the course, you need to do the following:

  1. In your course, click on Administration and then on Internal storage.
  2. Selecting _sharedfolder will take you to your resource folder.
  3. Depending on whether the resource folder is read-only or not, you can only download files here or additionally edit, create and upload them (see HelpCard 30-032).
  4. In order to grant other users of the course access to the files, you can, for example, include the resource folder in the course element Folder (see HelpCard 30-030) or include individual documents in the course element Single page (see HelpCard 30-040).

Problems or questions?
Phone: +43 512 507-23999
Mail to e-campus@uibk.ac.at

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