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00-040 Licensing Content


With license management, authors can license their content with a (Creative Commons) license. Different options are available. Licenses can be added when the learning resource is created or imported from outside OpenOlat. Alternatively, licenses can be added to documents that already have been uploaded to the course element Folder.

Important Steps

Importing files and creating learning resources in Authoring

  1. Click on Authoring.

  2. In the menu to the right, choose Create in order to create a learning resource, and Import or Import URL to upload a file to OpenOlat.

  3. Once the learning resource has been created or the file has been uploaded, the Settings menu will open automatically. Here you fill in or change already existing/additional information about your learning resource (objectives, requirements etc.).

  4. Using the tab Metadata, you choose the desired license in the dropdown menu.

  5. Click on the Save button.

Licensing documents in the course element Folder

  • You can find instructions describing how to upload documents into the course element Folder in HelpCard 30-032.
  • In order to license the content of your uploaded document, you should use the same dropdown menu in the Metadata tab as described above.  

Retrospectively licensing learning resources

  1. Open the learning resource and click on Administration, then on Settings. You can then choose a license in the Metadata tab.

  2. Click on the Save button.

Retrospectively licensing course elements

  1. Click onto the course element Folder in the navigation panel of your course.

  2. There you will see a list of all documents that are currently in the folder. Choose the appropriate document from the list and click on the gearwheel/three dots menu on the right-hand side. A new window opens up. 

  3. Choose the appropriate license in License.

  4. Click on the Save button.

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