40-073 Grades


When assessing tally list, (group) tasks, tests or exams in your OpenOlat course, you can have the score converted into a grade. You have the option of assigning grades manually or having them set automatically. You can choose from different grading scales and personalise them. To maintain mathematical accuracy and confidence in the grades, you cannot change the grades individually per person. You can change either the scor or the grading scale. You can find out how to do this in this HelpCard.

To be able to configure grades via the grading scale, you must assign a score. You cannot give a student a grade without giving them a score. You cannot release a grade or assessment individually: when you release it, the score and grade are released together.

Please note that these grades are not transferred to VIS:online and this has to be done manually.

Important Steps

  1. Open the course in which the test, tally list or (group) task is located.
  2. In your course, click Administration at the top left and then Course Editor. The course editor opens.
  3. Click on the test, tally list or (group) task on the left for which you want to use a grade.
  4. Click on the tab Test configuration (for tests), Configuration (for tally list), Grading (for task) (here you have to tick Score granted first).
  5. Place a tick to the right of Levels/Grading.
  6. Tick how the assignment is to be made:
    • Manually by coach: the calculated grade can be assigned manually after the test.
    • Automatically on score change: The grading is automatically calculated and assigned when the score are set.
  7. Grading scale: by default, no grading scale is available. This must first be inserted by clicking on the Edit grading scale button. The Edit grading scale window opens.
  8. By default, the rating system is set to 1-5. The points are automatically divided among the five grades. They can be changed with the help of the Score lower bound.
    • Insert from which number of points which grade should be awarded.
  9. Save your settings in this window.
  10. Save your settings in the tab too.
  11. Click on the red X at the top right to close the course editor. To publish the change, select the option Yes, automatically (for details on publishing, seeHelpCard 10-020). In the course view that opens, all changes have now been applied.

If an assessment has already been carried out with a grading scale, you can only change the grading scale in the assessment tool.

  1. Click Administration at the top left and then Assessment Tool.
  2. In the left menu navigation, select the course element whose grading scale you want to change. The overview of the course module opens.
  3. Click on the Participants tab.
  4. Click on Adjust grade scale. The Adjust grade scale window opens.
  5. Adjust your rating scale and click Next. A list of all changed ratings is displayed.
  6. Click on Finish.
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