30-000 Document


The course element document offers a way to work on one document together with students. Various settings allow the assignment of different rights to different groups which can, for example, prevent a document from being downloaded. 

Important Steps

  1. Open your course via Authoring
  2. Click onto Administration and then onto Course editor. The Course editor opens up.
  3. Choose Insert course elements in the upper left-hand corner and under Knowledge transfer, choose the course element Document. The Course element has been added to the course structure and can (if necessary) be moved to a different place via Drag&Drop. Alternatively it is possible to add course elements with the Quick-Add function in the yellow-lined menu on top of the course: Insert the name of the course element into the Quick-Add bar and push the Enter button.
  4. Fill in the title shown in the course structure under Title in the tab Title and description and, if desired, fill in the Description. Click onto Insert additional information to add Objectives, instructions or instructions for the coach. In Addition to this, you can Set a link for this course element by clicking onto the blue text and copying the predefined link. Save your changes.
  5. In the tabs Visibility and Access or Learning path you can, if desired, regulate the visibility and the access to the course elements:
    • If your course is a Conventional course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-030.
    • If your course is a Learning path course, you will find more detailed information in HelpCard 10-031.
  6. In the tab Layout you can change the layout of course elements. You can add background images to course elements or change the font colour. How to do this you will find in HelpCard 10-033.
  7. In the tab Document you can insert a document:
    • Upload from local computer: Pull the file via Drag&Drop into the field or click onto Choose file.
    • Select existing document: Choose either from the storage folder or from the learning resource repository.
    • Create new document: Create either a Word, an Excel or a PowerPoint document.
  8. After having added or created a document, you can regulate user rights in the tab Document. Here, you can choose who should be allowed to edit or download the document.
  9. You have more options if you click the button Edit on the upper right:
    • Clicking on Edit metadata you can change the title or add a description. Moreover, you can add a license here.
    • Clicking on Edit document opens up a new tab where you can edit the document with OnlyOffice.
    • Clicking on Select other document allows you to exchange the existing document with another one. A new window opens with the same options as above.
    • Clicking on Save to learning resource repository copies the document to the Authoring section. After applying this, the document can be added to more than one course or more easily be shared with others. Please note: Edits that have been made to the document will be visible in all other instances of the document as well.
  10. Click the red X in the upper right-hand corner to close the Course editor. To publish these changes, choose the option Yes, automatically (for further information about the publishing of course contents see HelpCard 10-020). The course view has been adjusted to include any changes made.


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