10-033 Tab Layout


In a course you can change the layout of course elements. You can have individual course elements appear with different background images or change the font color.

We recommend to use these settings rather sparingly and only if it makes didactic sense, e.g. to emphasize course contents or to distinguish thematically from each other.

Important steps

  1. Click Authoring and select the course you want to edit under My entries. The course opens.

You can determine the layout globally for all course elements in the settings. The HelpCard 10-012 shows you how to do this. By default, the layout will only be displayed in the top course element, unless you have selected the Inherited option in the individual course elements in the Layout tab. If you want to assign a different layout to individual course elements, you can do so as follows:

  1. In your course on the upper left corner, click on Administration and then on Course editor. The Course editor opens up.
  2. In the course structure on the left side click on the element whose layout you want to change.
  3. Select the tab Layout.
    • Display: Determine what should be displayed in the course view.
    • Teaser image: Choose between Course default, Inherited and Course element specific. If you select the latter option, you can further determine whether you want to upload a background image, prefer one of the predefined default options, or display the course element without a defined background image.
    • Select image: Choose between predefined image display options.
    • Teaser image style: Click Course element specific to choose where to display the background image.
    • Color category: You can specify a specific color category for your background image. This is especially crucial for the predefined standard background images.
  4. Click the red X in the upper right corner to close the Course editor. To publish the changes, choose the option Yes, automatically (for details on publishing, see HelpCard 10-020). The course view has been adjusted to include any changes made.
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