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40-100 Declaration in lieu of oath


There are three ways to insert the affidavit before your test: 

  1. Preceded the actual exam as an independent test in the course.
  2. As the first question in a separate section of your test, independent of the main part of the test, which is in a second section.
  3. As the first question in a separate test part and thus separated from the main part of the exam.

Important Steps

Insert Declaration in lieu of oath as a separate test in the course preceding the actual test.

  1. Click on Administration at the top left and then on Course editor. The course editor opens.
  2. Select Insert course elements in the upper left corner and click Import from other course under Other. The window Import course elements opens.
  3. Enter the following in the Copy from field: DMLT-KursVorlage-OnlinePrüfen. Tick the Declaration in lieu of oath and click Next. Confirm your inputs and click Finish. The element has now been created in the course structure and can be moved (if necessary later) by drag & drop.
  4. Now switch in the navigation on the left to your test already inserted in the course and make it dependent on the Decleration in the tabs Visibility and Access by means of a tick in front of Depending on assessment.


Declaration in lieu of oath as the first question in the actual test

To have the Decleration available for later exams, you can create it directly in your Question bank:

  1. Open the question bank and create a new question by clicking on the Create question button in the top right corner. The Create question window opens.
  2. Create a Single choice question with the title affidavit.
  3. Now enter the text recommended by the Rectorate under Question: "I declare in lieu of oath that I will take the exam alone and independently and that I will not use any other means than the ones expressly permitted. I take note that in case of violations according to §24(7) of the statue "Study Law Regulations" the examination is rated with the grade Insufficient. I know that a false affidavit is punishable."
  4. Write Yes in the New answer box.
  5. Click on Save.

Once created, there are two ways to preface your test with the declaration as the first question:

  1. In its own section, separate from the main body of the exam, which is in a second section.
  2. As a separate test part and thus distinct from the main part of the exam.

Please note: If the declaration is inserted in the same test module as the actual exam (i.e. as a question in its own test part or section), students may also skip the declaration without completing it. Please advise your students to be sure to complete the declaration and not to skip it. All three ways of inserting the declaration are approved by the Rectorate.

You can see how to create questions in the question bank in HelpCard 40-010. For questions on test creation, you can refer to ourHelpCard 40-030. For how to insert a created test into your course, see our HelpCard 40-040.

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