00-030 Log In and Guest Access


On the OpenOlat landing page there are three login options:

  • Web Single Sign-on

  • LDAP login

  • Guest access

In this HelpCard you will learn about the differences between the login options.

Important steps

Single Sign-on

  • This is the standard logging.
  • Via Single sign-on (or one-time login) you are automatically logged in to several services of the University of Innsbruck (e.g. Intranet) with one login (within one browser session).
  • Persons from other institutions who also have a connection via Shibboleth can log in with the respective university account. Under Other institutions you can see the list of institutions in the drop-down menu.


Signing in via LDAP login

  • Here you log in with your University of Innsbruck user ID and password.
  • Via LDAP you can only log in with your user ID of the University of Innsbruck.
  • Please note: There is no automatic authentication with other single sign-on services of the University of Innsbruck.


Guest Access

  • With Guest Access, limited access to the OpenOlat learning management system is granted to users without user ID.
  • In order to make learning resources accessible to guests, guest access rights must explicitly be given (HelpCard 10-070).
  • In courses with guest access there is no access to course elements storing personal data. Further information regarding guest access functionality can be found in HelpCard 10-071.
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